A question for fans of Threshold amplifiers

I'm very lucky to be able to hear numerous highly regarded solid state amplifiers in my home because I do professional reviewing.  In the last year I have been able to acquire three pristine re-capped E-series Threshold amplifiers.  These are a S/350e, S/550e, and a SA/4e.  When compared to some of the most highly regarded/high price amplifiers on today's market, not only did they hold there own, but particularly the S/550e/SA/4e, I found to be superior in my system.

It has been a long time since any threads have discussed any Threshold amplifiers at all.  So, I'm curious if there are any GON members who use any of the Threshold E-series amps and what your experience has been at comparing them to current production amplifiers.

Well this post is useless unless you are willing to name the "highly regarded" amps that you used to compare. Having heard a Threshold not long ago I have a hard time believing what you just posted.
Are you comparing class A amps?
There are many vintage Threshold amps. IMHO, the models really worth having today because of the high(est) level of performance, then and now, would be the SA series 1, 2, and 3. Unfortunately they don't come up often and are expensive when they do. 
To answer your questions,

1) jasautter- look at some of my reviews for the names of amps I have had in-house.  Which Threshold amplifier did you hear recently?  I'm only interested to get information of owners of Threshold E-series amps, not the earlier generations of Nelson's designs.  This question was not posed to argue about what are the BEST solid state amps, but to see if the owners of re-capped/pristine Threshold E-series amps have kept them because they compete with present generation amplifiers.

2) elevick- The E-series amps, like the older Threshold amps, are ether A/B or pure class A designs.  The SA/4e is pure class A amplifier.

3)newbee- I owned a wonderful pair of SA-1 mono-blocks for over 15 years and agree they are great amplifiers.  However, I'm not quite sure they are better then the SA/12 mono-blocks or the S/550e single chassis amplifier.  I believe the E-series, the last generation of the Stasis topography that Nelson Pass designed before he sold the company, is more transparent overall and has a better high-end then the my SA-1 amps had in my system based on my memory.  I have also had in the house recently pristine/recapped CAS-2, 400A, S/200, and a rebuilt Stasis 2 that frankly still sound quite good.  However, not as good as the E-series that I'm inquiring about in this thread.
Well I dont read reviews so checking on your in-house amps is a no-go. I believe it was one of the later e models but I will call him to check.

Your post may not invite an argument, but you used the words "some of the most highly regarded/high price amplifiers on today's market". My point is that it would be helpful to know what exactly are these most highly regarded amps. Depending upon which amps this may not be much of an accomplishment.

Not to worry I didnt expect an answer.
Hey jsautter,

Here's your list that you didn't expect to get: Pass Labs, Bricasti, Boulder, Arye, D'agostino, among a few others.

Again, I no difficulties with you, just want to hear from present owners of Threshold E-series amplifiers to have a fun discussion about what their experience is with comparing these with current market amplifiers.