A Question For All You VPI Prime Owners

What are you guys using for a dust cover and what different options are there?  I set up my Prime last week and already it is getting Dusty.  I had a Ginko plinth cover for my Scout turntable but it won't fit the Prime.  Does anyone or company make a plinth cover for the Prime?  I can't use a tabletop cover as it is on a 4" thick slab of Maple and the Prime just fits on it.  There would not be enough room to get the tabletop cover to hold..

So, any suggestions on what works for you would be appreciated.

I got mine from Stereo Squares. The stock Prime cover was too large for my rack stand, so I had them custom make one for my Prime.

I don't know if anyone makes a plinth top dust-cover for the Prime, due to it's strange shape. Maybe a larger size slab of maple is in order?
I don't want to go through the extra expense of another maple platform.  I paid 400.00 for the one I have now.  Was having the cover custom made expensive?
Was having the cover custom made expensive?

No, paid the same price as their standard Prime dust-cover.
Ordered a custom slab from Boo Blocks to accommodate the dust cover I bought with the TT. (Standard one for Prime sold by SSD). I had tried multiple slab solutions always with similar size problems relative to the Prime itself or the cover.

The first morning after everything was together, I found the motor running. The cats had scooted the dust cover far enough to contact the start button and hold it, for I don’t know how many hours. Ugh. So I used some small pads sticky on one side to fit just inside the dust cover’s resting perimeter and prevent movement in any direction.

Vinh Vu at Gingko Audio makes & sells more VPI dust covers than anyone. He is stand up guy and offers nice value. Cheers,