A question about pioneer spec-1

I have a pioneer spec-1 preamp.
Should I buy a power amplifier to drive my headphone with spec-1?

If I have buy one, any power amps are fine to be matched with spec-1? Should I buy spec-2 or spec-4?

Also I'm a bit confused to connect my rig to preamp.
My rig is began from my laptop -> dac -> preamp -> poweramp
Is the process correct?

Please anybody helps me out.
With the Spec 1 you DO need a power amp to run the headphones.
Any decent power amp should have no problem doing this. You don't need to buy a matching Spec power amp. It would be mighty impressive looking though:)
The rig to pre-amp is correct. Be certain to hook the power amp output into the spec1 carefully, unless the power amp has its own headphone jack. There are connections on the back of the spec 1 to select speakers, so the power amp has to be run back into the pre-amp to do so, and also to power the headphones so be careful to make the proper connections!!! The Crown DC-60 amp for one, does have it's own headphone output so that could be a decent start...
Thank you... Can I ask you one more question?

I bought a pair of Adcom GFA-565 Monoblock power amplifier.
This power amp doesn't have headphone jack.
I don't know how to make the power amp run to back my preamp up.

Please check whether the connection from preamp to poweramp is correct or not.

I use output of Spec-1 to connect to power amp. I plugged the rca cable from the spec-1 output into the input of GFA-565 power amp. Is it correct?

How to hook up?? Please help me.
yes, output of spec one to input of power amp. that is correct.
Although I connected all correctly, I got no sound coming from headphone jack........ I don't know what's wrong with this....