A question about PC audio outputs

Should I just use the front IO audio out (FractalDesign Meshify C) as I have been doing? I don't hear any interference or anything when listening to music or gaming through it. (Maybe FractalDesign shields their IO cables more?)

My motherboard is an Asus TUF B550 Plus. Is it worth it getting a headphone extension cable to use the motherboard audio output? Does the quality of the extension cable matter?

I also have an RTX 2080 in my system which I think supplies audio through my monitor via HDMI (Don't at me, I know I should use DP). Is that audio any good?

My earphones should be of a decent enough quality to pick up on a change in sound quality (KZ ZS10 pro)

Any help would be appreciated


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I'm not familiar with your particular motherboard but it's been my experience that better sound can be obtained using an external DAC.  The little firefly USB dacs have good reviews and there are a lot of similar devices for even cheaper. 

A long headphone to RCA would work and sound OK but there are better optios.  
It probably isn't a physical isolation issue but a driver issue.  USB signals are are interfering but an updated driver will fix the mouse issue.  Finding the correct driver is the trick but this is a known issue.