A question about lasers??

I have a Marantz SA-11 in my main two-channel system and a Technics DVD A10 in a second system. My Redbook cds are played in both systems. Is there any damage to the cds as a result of switching back and forth between the two different lasers? Are all lasers the same when it comes to reading cds/dvds? Thanks for your responses.
The lasers that read dvds and cd's are on different wavelengths I believe but no laser can damage a cd, you have absolutely nothing to worry about. I'm positive on the second point, I may be incorrect on the wavelength thing though.
Jond is correct. The lasers cannot hurt a cd/dvd - the only issue may be that the some discs may just not play in some players-and this is Not due to damage, but to compatability. For example, some CD-R's (like you burn on your PC) may not play in an old CD player.

Also, the wavelength is shorter (higher frequency) for DVD disks than an Audio CD. This is because there is more information (smaller pits) on a DVD than a CD.