A/Q Dragonfly Converter

Could the new Dragonfly Converter be used to improve my system:

Apple TV gen 1(AIFF music files)> toslink cable > DACMagic+ > A/Q Colorado XLRs > Cambridge 840aV2 amp > A/Q Rockefeller s/cables > Jamo speakers/REL subs.

Any advice appreciated.
Just to put in a good word for my Dragonfly, I tried it not
what to expect and I love this little thing. It's much much
better than using my sound card alone. And installation was
breeze with no hiccups on Windows 7 (and my computer has
sometimes with new devices). The sound is much more palpable
with sweeter highs and more controlled bass and some depth.
I use a pair of Quad 12L speakers and cheap old Transparent
cables. It's definitely a bargain at $250. I just listen to
youtube live stuff on my computer (like rarities of the
and such). I have a regular high end system (tubed
preamp/headphone amp, Stax headphones, LaHave Mela monitors)
I know decent sound when I hear it. Everyone with a regular
computer soundcard should spring for this little gem.