A problem solved.

There are some very good small speakers for computer audio these days. One of the one's that is now impressing me is the little Ultimate ears mini boom. This small mighty mite is so good that I would think for most people it would be enough SQ to simply not have to look at speakers for their computer system again!
The old a'phile will probably diss this statement and wonder what it is that the new generation see in a product like this. However, IMO, to most-- and maybe more than that...perhaps the idea of the home stereo speaker/system and the quest for the 'Absolute Sound' is now a problem solved. How much better do we really get in our hobby and is it really worth the time and money???
As an older a'phile, to me it is a continuing quest....BUT this little gem really gives one some room for thought.
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Over the past few months, I have been on a quest to find a
great sounding little (portable) bluetooth speaker at an
attractive price.

I didn't try this UE Mini Boom, but I tried quite a few from
other brands.

I ended up keeping the Dell AD211. This little guy kicks
ASS!!! It's hard to believe you can get this much sound out
of a pretty small box. I only paid $49.99 for it and
couldn't be happier.

I heard a rumor that is made by JBL.
Here's the thing Mofimadness, some of these little Bluetooth speakers hit WAAAY above their pay grade! ( like you said, they kick ASS). The UE is definitely in that group. Like you, I cannot believe how much sound comes out of this little box.
Which brings me again to my point...IF you are a non a'phile who is just looking for a good sound, and at a great price....well, problem solved!