A Preamp Question-- CJ or BAT

I'm looking for a new preamp for my system. Heard lots of good stuff about CJ 17LS, although it's single ended. BAT seems to be good stuff too, but heard it's a little colored and better for brighter systems. The CJ is more expensive than I would like, but if it's really that good. I'm using Nautilus 803's with Rogue 120.

I like neutrality and definition, but also like full, fleshed out sound with lots of depth and soundstaging. Anyone experienced with CJ 17LS and BAT 30 or 31SE?
I recently visited local dealors to see and hear the CJ, and the BAT VK-30, my listening experiance was a bit the
opposite of what you have been hearing or reading.

The Conrad Johnson pre, along with a CJ amp was very smooth
and a bit warm to me, but beautiful sounding components. I
listened with both tube and solid state amps.

The BAT pre, was used along with a solid state amp and I
cant recall what it was. But it was differant in sound to
me in that it was on the nuetral and detailed side.

Sorry I dont have the powers of description like some do,
but thats how they struck me. I bought the BAT becouse I
thought it was the better match for my amp,( Theta Dread

Also for what its worth, the BAT is far better looking,
and seems like it's much more ruggedly built. The CJ's
gold finish would be too hard to live with for me.
If I were you I would start with upgrading the Roghe 120 to Magnums, you WILL hear the difference. I would consider the Rogue 99 magnum, very good at a lower price point.

I agree with the above regarding CJ and BAT. Tipically CJ is a "beautiful" tube sound. I have not listened to their latest products but that is their house sound. Bat is usually more neutral, their SE series are quicker than their regular series, but they are known for their neutral sound. Almost solid state but with the midrange tube magic. Definetely not colored. BAT equipment, especially their preamps, need a long breaking. Balanced cables with their equipment makes a difference.
What about CJ's claim that balanced is bullshit? They say that balanced pieces sound better balanced because when these same pieces are used with their single-ended connectors, half the circuitry is thrown away or summed or something. They claim balanced pieces sound better in balanced, not because of any inherent superiority to balanced, but because the unit was not designed for single ended operation.
I had a CJ 17ls before upgrading to a CJ 16ls II. I love CJ equipment I find it extremely accurate and very musically involving with a soundstage that is both wide and deep. I do not know what the others refer to as the CJ sound. Accuracy I speak of comes from experience as a musician (piano) with my daughter (piano and violin)and son (piano) Although admittedly I have never heard BAT so I can not comment on their equipment. I understand they are very well built as is CJ. You should really try and listen to both before you purchase.

I would not let balanced or single ended connectors make my decision these are design preferences and should be treated as such.

Happy Listening