A pre-amp for an old Roland 5?

I have an old Roland 5 which I have never really exercised (had it attached for a while to a B&O 5500 which didn't have enough of a pre-amp to exercise the Roland so I disconnected it). Now I would like to build a system around the Roland. I listen to all kinds of music, have a pair of Magneplanar IIIa speakers, which I might or might not replace. Any suggestions would be welcome.


is your 5 balanced or just RCA inputs?
I have a JR Model 5 Balanced and I am using it for the front of my HT setup. I am using the EAD Ovation Pre/Pro's balance out to the model 5 and getting very good result with both music and movie, also it is very quiet,too. I've been looking for a pre amp for the Model 5 for sometime and also have been try it with MF Nuviter's pre out, but the setup is a bit noise. Hope this helps.