A possible upgrade to JM Lab Electra 926s-advice?

Hi folks,

I currently own a pair of JM Lab 906s, and have the opportunity to trade them in at 90% value for a pair of 926s. I've augmented my 906s with a Martin Logan Depth, but my room is very difficult to work with, and is plaguing me with incoherency issues. I'm wondering whether it's worth the upgrade to more full-range 926s. Any opinions or advice?

I really like the smooth character that JM Labs impart into the music, but I think the Utopia series is obscenely expensive--so, I've definitively excluded these from my thinking.

Thanks much!

Associated equipment:
Shanling CD-T100
Nottingham Spacedeck/Spacearm
McCormack RLD-1 w/ Platinum Upgrade
PS Audio HCA-2
The 926 I think would be a excellent upgrade,but your amp is what worry me with the 926.is it anyway you could try your amp with JM LAB 926.Also read the other threads in the discussion forum.
I heard the 926's running with a 50w Audio Refinement Integrated amp as well as their cdp and got blown away. The dealer cranked it to a nice "enveloping" volume and I was truly impressed by these speakers. Really nice soundstage and presentation was warm but had some serious punch. I say go for it. I would just make sure that they match with your current amp-ask your dealer if you could do a demo or what their return policy is like. But I am sure once they are in your house, you will not want to return them.
Thanks for the responses. I heard the 926s the other night, and they're better in quite a few ways.
hold on,

what about the new JMLab 25th Anniversary Electra Be 927's, with the Be tweeter.
Agreed with the 927 comment. Retail will be $6,000 from what I hear. Tough call when you can get a 926 new for ~$3,200. My dealer has some coming and look forward to hearing them.
927's all the way. I love mine. The 926's sound good but the 927's just sound more refined. I have no regrets. Should be concidered even with that retail price.
JM says that all its speakers should sound the same within a product line, but that each successively larger room needs a successively larger model. They actually give optimal room dimensions on the website.

Has it been anyone's experiences that the larger models sound the same as smaller models when used in proportionally larger rooms?
For the money, the 926s are fantastic. The 927s are probably better but they ought to be for nearly twice the price!!

I just love my 926 and will keep them a long time. I am amazed at how they reveal ANY changes I make in my system. I have been able to fine tune my sound and now feel comfortable laying off on the "upgrades." Very impressive speakers in every way. Arthur
I upgraded from the 906's to the 926's when I moved to a bigger room, 13 x 26 now. The sound remained the same, just more of it.