A Possible Reason for SACD to be Superior

I have recently been trying to compare the SACD format to Redbook on my system and have discovered that the SACD layer on the disk seems to always be recorded at a lower volume making an A/B comparison extremely difficult because while switching layers on the disk isn't too difficult, matching relative volumes is and comparing the sounds at the same volumes is key to any comparison.

What I did realize, however, is that this means that the SACD signal isn't as attenuated (is that the right word?) as much by the preamp to obtain the same volume. Shouldn't this be preferred? If I understand my EE friend correctly, and I often misunderstand him, the ideal situation is for the signal to pass through the preamp without attenuation which means 0 db on a piece of equipment that give volume readings in -dB. From this perspective it seems that SACD should have the advantage.
Try a different power cord, that might help. ;)
Mcljo: My take is that the SACD layer has a greater dynamic range (the difference between the loudest and softest sound in the music program).
Therefore, the soft passages will be "less loud" compared to the same place on the
CD layer which has less of a spread.
Hope this makes sense...
A power cord change? You must be kidding.
Right Guys,

the SACD gives listeners better dynamic range.
Schipo, I believe Jmcgrogan's comment is facetiously pertaining to Mceljo's recent post asking why high priced aftermarket PC's. A good one, John! :)