A plethora of turntables - help needed!

So my son managed to jump and land on my old Thorens TD 145, so I’m now in the position to buy a new turntable. I was (ironically) going to live with the Thorens until the kids moved out and I could get a Linn LP12.

I own two amplifiers: Rega Brio 2 and NAD 3020 and a pair of Proac Tablette 50 Signature speakers, though I am willing to get new/bigger speakers as well.

I’ve narrowed down my turntable options to these (currently available with prices):

Systemdek IIX (Ortofon OM 10)

Linn Axis (Basik Plus tonearm)

Linn Basik (Akito tonearm)

Thorens TD280 MKII (Linn K9)

Rega Planar3 (Linn K5)

Thorens TD2001 (Sure V15 MVR)

Braun PS-500

Thorens TD166 mkii (Goldring)

I prefer a neutral sound, the less fuss the better. Any help from this sub is most appreciated!
I’ve used and had just about every light TT ever made.. Linn has something to work with. I’ve only found a FEW I really didn’t like they were always automatics..

BUT I do have a great time with Zero 100. I can make that pile of dung work perfect. It never EVER got close to sounding good, but I can sure make one work in about 30 minutes.. I have a few all polished up.. I’m not much of a Garrard fan. I have a 401 50hz and had a few 301s..

Click my page you’ll see a Russco.. I call them Garrard Killers... I keep 2-6 around for projects.. I love them...

Thoren 121-124s excellent I have a few that I actually use.. I think they are the best, hands down of ALL the oldies..

AR too, what a great design.. Very simple.. Wonderful TTs. The Tonearm was the challenge on ARs.. After market would fix one right up..

I have the Linn Basik / Akito in one of my systems and love it. That's a bargain price. The VM750SH Shibata cart I'm using really makes it sing. Haven't had any issues with it in all the years I've had it.
If you really want that LP12, I say do what you can to make it happen. Hold on to your Tablettes, put those funds towards your Linn. Enjoy that turntable sooner than later.
The Supper is a good one too. It has a 10mm platter shaft vs 8 MM.

I really likes the wooden version of the small footprint TD166 MKII, stock tone arm. It has all the latest Thoren upgrades and just about ZERO mechanical rumble from the super light platter.. It works extremely well stone stock and with an OK cart.. No need to break the bank.. Ortofon MMs will work perfect..

A mat, some added isolation never hurts. 250.00 for a plinth.. 50 year TT with a belt every 10 years.. :-) A rebuild for 50.00 and another 50 years..