A pitch too High!

Recently, I damaged the V2 MM cartridge of Clearaudio Concept Wood turntable, so had it changed with a Grado Prestige Blue. The VTF for V2 is 2.2g while Grado blue stands at 1.5g. I took someone’s help to fix this. He even made azimuth adjustments and it sounded fine. But I soon realised that the sound had become thinner, voice being the primary indicator and just before the stylus landed on the record, it skipped back a bit then hit the record. Sometimes the tonearm would skip all the way out of the record, backwards. I called the guy back, and he felt the VTF should be fixed to around 2g to avoid the backward skip. He did so and that problem was licked and it seemed the voice thinning issue had also vanished. But last night, I put on the first pressing of Aretha Franklin Amazing Grace, and all along I found her pitch way higher, it was all too high pitched and uncomfortable. Seemed the bass had gone missing a little. On my Boulder 866, I could immediately hear the difference when the track was played through Roon. It was not as high pitched, thin as it sounded on analogue. I intend to call the guy again but wanted to know from experts here as to what the issue could be.
@chakster , Great explanation above Chak however, the recommended tracking force of the Grado is 1.5 grams. 2 grams is out of range for this cartridge and will change it's vertical compliance and bass performance which could tilt the performance and make the cartridge seem brighter. However, I agree. The speed problem is definitely going to raise the pitch audibly. But, then why did that not happen with the previous cartridge?
The tonearm should still be set up correctly and the pitch corrected with the controls in back. In the mean while terrible will learn all about turntables and will fly through the next cartridge set up which should be soon as this cartridge is not compatible with the performance of this system. He should have one of the better moving magnet cartridges in the $500 to $1000 range. 
With a Hi-Fi Test Record (I think you bought it) you will be able to adjust anti skating, you can also measure tonearm/cartridge resonance frequency (just read the manual for the test record). You need some anti-skating, but not higher than tracking force.  However, when you set tracking force and anti-skating to zero, when your tonearm is balanced above the record, you can see if there is a force that still moves your arm backwards, if you see it then you must level your turntable feet properly. Ideally there should not be any anti-skating force when the arm is balanced above the record, you apply tracking force (check with digital scale) and anti skating later.
Dear @terrible : "  , and I have opted for MM. "

Your grado is not a MM design but MI design that's way different. You need to do nothing in your electronics about. Just forgeret as I told you two times before.

Dear @terrible : "" It seems fine at 2g. ""

It seems to whom because the manufacturer designed that Grado cartridge for a very specific VTF of 1.5grs. and setting up to 2grs. as " you like " is totally wrong.