A Picture is Worth ...

Hi all! Is there any way to 1) draw a simple picture and then 2) attach it to responses on AudiogoN? The ability to share pictures (e.g., a hand drawing of a parallel ciruit or listener position) would be very helpful in answering some of the questions here on the Gon. While the pictures may take up a bit more space, they would replace a thousand words ;-) Thanks in advance.
Ozfly, here's what I would do:

Use a graphics program to create the diagram and save it as a .jpg file.

Then upload the jpg file to your Agon virtual system page,
save the url for that jpg file from your virtual systems page.

In your next thread or post, click on the markup tags hypertext underneath the 'Post your response' text block.

This will show how to include the link that will take the reader directly to your picture should they click on that hypertext.

I know I have tried to draw simple pictures before using the alaphabet since there was no other option. It did not work.

The ability to show pictures and spell check for the chronically illiterate would be nice.