A phono preamp for less than $1200??

I'm on the verge of buying the Wright Sound WPP100C. Does anyone have a better suggestion in this price range???
My turntable is a Michell Gyrodec SE, Rega 600 arm, and Dynavector X-20-H cartridge. The preamp is a Fi Y (6922 line stage) and an Aleph 3 amp... JM Reynaud Trentes speakers..
Whew...that should be enough info...
Any thoughts out there???
Why not add a great phono stage...
Musical Surroundings... Clearaudio etc..
Check out www.needledoctor.com
Keep your current preamp and spend the money on the
phono stage and cables!!
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You can also consider Sonic Frontier Phono-1 or Audio Research PH-3 for that price range. Another way to go would be a new preamp with build-in phono like Audioman4 said.

Actually what quality/improvements are you looking for?
Just to be clear: I didn't want to get rid of the Fi Y line stage... I love it.
Yes, I'm looking for a phono stage only (which the Wright Sound is).
Thanks for any and all input!!!
Audio research PH3 SE.
If I were you, I'll get the counterpoint SA-5000 and get rid of Fi Y line stage. You'll be surprise how good the SA-5000 line stage sound.
I have an EAR 834P MM/MC phono pre and like it very much. It is very easy to modify and tube roll with. It has 71dB of gain and will drive almost any MC cartridge out there. I bought a demo for less than $800 and a few months later, changed the tubes and now it sounds even better. Very quiet, highly detailed, great soundstage. Another benefit is that it is smaller than some of the others mentioned, if space is an issue.

If this is not good enough, there are several co's that perform mods on it. There is also much mod and tube info here and on other boards for the 834 to shape the sound to your liking.

I can't offer opinions as to how it competes with the others mentioned here, but I can say I'm happy with mine as is for now.