A pass Labs X250 amp worth a divorce?

I have the audiophile disease. I just can not be satisfied. By upgrading from my Bryston 4B ST to a Pass labs X250 really worth the bother? My equipment is as follows Audio Research Reference 1 Pre-amp, Proac Response 3.8 Speakers Classe CDP.3 Player. My wife just does not get the thrill of this hobby. I need to find the true answer, What will the difference be besides in my wallet?
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I don't know, but if you buy it let me know how it works out. I have those speakers and that amp or the x350 is on my short list.
Just my 2 cents of advice, you have what seens to be an excellent system, I dont't think the Pass will make that much of an improvement. I would put the money on the best CD player you can buy. Or better still, buy records, get a glass of single malt scotch whisky and enjoy! :-)!!!
I wouldn't think the Pass would be worth a divorce (close though). It would be worth a few nights on the sofa perhaps.........? Cheers? Craig
I believe that if you get the X 250 you will be surprised that you wife will probably actually like the looks of it. The Pass sounds very different from the Bryston. Just one persons opinion and not an unbiased one since I am a Pass dealer but the X 250 will bring a delicacy and finesse into your system that the Bryston just does not have.

But please let me add that as wonderful as this hobby can be - - I would never trade my wife for my system. And I have a spectacular system but a better wife!

I believe that we too often forget that audio is just a hobby. Granted a glorious one when it is good to us and a harlot to out senses when it decides to frustrate us at every turn. But in the final anaylsis it is just suppose to be a fun experience that sometimes will surprise us by helping elevate us into a spiritual experience but no more.
Kevyo, I agree with what Goldorak said above. You have a great system as is, and changing the amp to Pass X250 will not make that much improvement, unless of course, your real objective is to upgrade your wife, and you are using the amp as an excuse for instigating a divorce...:-) :-) :-)!!!!
Well Kevyo, Put it this way, I think anyone of us that have been bitten by the Audio bug for a number of years have gone threw are share of tears over a women or wife leaving us because we dont give them the attention we give are audio habbit. Its sad because we are doing something that we enjoy and were home every night and not out and about at some bar playing the singles game while are mates are at home going threw the sleeples nights and wondering where she went wrong. I say go for it, do what makes you happy, If she leaves you over this, she was going to leave you anyway, you just speed'ed up the clock. If she loves you she will stick by your side. And one other thing after you buy this jewel, make sure you do take her out and keep your romance alive and well......
Simply, YES. For the reasons stated by Hifiying. Consider it a test of love. It seems you can't lose.
Does your wife work? Do you each have your own SEPERATE and joint accounts? If so, use the money from this account and she won't be able to complain.
I use a Pass X-150 with ProAc 2.5s. You'll like the combination.

As to the other part of your question...well, that's a tough one. Lately, I've come to see my system as my mistress.
...X350 definitely so I would wait untill...
I'm going to attempt to bring this discussion back to reality. I'm guessing that you have made several compulsive purchases. I'm guessing that your wife has heard that now my system is wonderful and I'm ready to relax and enjoy. I too agree that the udgrade would be marginal, but I don't believe that is the real issue. There will always be an upgrade or something new to tryout. If you love your wife, you owe it to her to consider her reasons for wanting you to take it a little slower,
Tough one. I've been there. I'm divorced now. Ask yourself, "Do i love my wife" " Is my marriage worth saving ". Next, ask her to sit with you and listen to a few songs. Have a serious talk with her. LET HER KNOW HOW YOU FEEL ABOUT HER, and your system ( hobby ). Don't do anything for a couple of days. See how she reacts and then do the right thing.
This hobby is getting ridiculously expensive. Make sure you get a home trial for the X250 before you decide to put your wife up on SpouseBeGon.com. On a serious note, the X250 is a much more refined amp than the Bryston, especially in the midrange.
Remeber what the bumper sticker say's "My wife say's it me or fishing.Man I'm gonna miss her".Magnepan has the right idea in their ad's saying to allot in your budget ennough for Pearls to give her when she walks in the room and see's 'em.Pass is nice stuff but I just had a freind go from a 150 to a VAC Avatar as he didn't need the power for Revel M20's (which you do) but the main reason was that he found brite and brite didn't work.Sneak it in and test run while she's visiting her sister.
Buy a used ARC vt100 to go with that ref1. That's one of the best front end's I've heard.
Dump the preamp. Run the CDP directly into the Pass. Keep the better half....
As others have mentioned your upgrade path should begin with your source. I would suggest the Cary 303/200. It replaced a Classe DAC1/CDT1/Digital Lens digital rig and, IMHO, is a better source. I think that you will find, as I have, that many people do not understand your obsessive audio ways. My friends would find me impossible to deal with if they had to be with me night and day. Luckily, my wife and kids love and tolerate me. Well, most of the time anyway. Find comfort in our company and treat your family better than your favorite components.
If you buy her some new designer jeans or new fancy food processor meaining "wife tax" you could even get X350 more is never enough!!!!!!
The fact your even posting such a thread means your considering this. Divorse the wife factor, keep the tunes.No matter how tuff it gets dont sell your MUSIC.
The music is where we go for relaxing, how much do you go to your wife for relaxing.
Pass is not worth a divorse, but tube amps are.
The wife will be warmer than the Pass, hopefully, but the almost any amp is worth a divorce...if she cannot let you have YOUR amp...then you will be miserable to live with...and there's no music to compensate for that.
Hi Kevyo, I take it you are not serious about your comments. At least I hope your just kidding.
There are so many good sounding SS amp, if that is what you must have, and Pass is just one of many. Way too expensive IMO. I am not a big fan of the Proac 3.8. I did hear it sound wonderful with an integrated Gryphon amp. I had the X350 in my system for a week or two because my friends system was down. I was totally unimpressed.
McCormac, Clayton, Electrocompaniet, Muse, or look for a couple DNA-0.5 and bi-amp. I know Stuart at SOS loves the Pass gear. And I truly believe him. He is among the best audio dealers you will come across. I just found the Pass to be dry, with very poor small dynamic contrast. Clean, clear with a wide soundstage, but I think you can do much better with less money. And think of the money you will save from a divorce! I also found the Passx350 to take no more than ten minutes to bore me. That guy that used to make the MIT caps, Can't think of the company, makes an amp for $2000 at 200 watts makes a great amp for the money. Compare it to the X350 at $9000 and let us know what you think. Best in your hunt. This is only my opinion, just like everybody elses, take it for what it's worth.
Thanks for the responses. With tongue in cheek, no I am not deciding on a divorce for an amplifier. I did get a used Audio research VT 100 mk II. Some of the comments suggested this move while others did not give Pass Labs the greatest review. The VT 100 is doing a fine job and it sounds very smooth. A very good bass response. This is my first time with a tube amplifier and so far I feel this was the right move. The power drop from 250 watts with my Bryston 4B-ST to 100 watts with the VT 100 has not been a problem driving my Proacs. Thanks for the responses.


P.S My wife is not thrilled with the expense of all the stuff that I have purchased but she still loves me.
I can't speak for your wife, but in my case the Pass would be worth the divorce. At least I can turn the Pass off when I don't want to listen to it....
You might want to try a tube roll. Richard Gray in New Orleans (504-835-8579)tells me he retubes the Ref One's to great effect. Haven't witnessed the results myself but the source is trustworthy.
The Bryston is not a bad product, but then its not that good either. The Pass products are substantially more refined sounding, will play more information, have a more realistic tonal pallet and will make the Bryston sound rather rough in its presentation.
Mjcc- the X250 vs 4B-ST comparison is not really a very fair one. You are comparing a $6K amp vs a $2.5K amp (new against new). Is the Pass 2.5 times better for the price - only the guy fishing out his money can make that call. While I am a strong supporter of Bryston gear (beating my Canadian chest earnestly...) I will agree that they are far from perfect but do offer a very attractive performance/sonics/build quality/warranty ratio per dollar spent. I am not sure that the Pass offers the same return...