A packing solution for Audiogonitis carriers

Anyone else here HATE Styrofoam packing materials? Once it gets compacted a little, it fails to provide any protection and/or also fails to secure the component in the box.

Peanuts and news paper are about useless if the piece being shipped has any weight to it. Plank foam is expensive as is special two part foam bags. Bubble wrap works, but it is sometimes hard to be consistent with it and can get expensive if you have to buy a lot of it.

Although I seem to have settled down in my buying and selling of A/V gear, I think I have finally found a cheap alternative to my packing problems - and it's kind of funny:

Swimming noodles

You know those things they sell at dollar and grocery stores for a buck or two for kids to play with at pools. Their foam and easily cut to size, and they can protect a piece of gear over multiple impacts without loosing their shape. For corners I simply zip-tied three together in an ā€œLā€ shape so they wouldn't separate. It worked like a charm on my 50 lb CDP since the original Styrofoam had compacted and disintegrated.
I like it.

If I use peanuts (rarely do, and never for heavy items) I put them inside a trash bag and seal the bag with tape, then lay these under/over/around the inner box (ie between the inner box and outside box). It does fill the air space and provides some cushion.
Thank you so much for the tip; never though about using swimming noodles, good idea. For me, the best solution has been to double-box the gear using bubble wrap between the boxes. Cheapest place to get bubble wrap is walmart. As long as the unit is double boxed, the original packing material inside the unit's original box is fine.
I have actually used swimming noodles before! They are really useful to place between the inside and outside box when double boxing. Solid foam is the only thing that really protects components especially if they are heavy. I am amazed at how many manufacturers use styrofoam in original packaging but solid foam is heavier and adds to shipping costs so that is probably why styrofoam is used so much. Marantz is one manufacturer that comes to mind. They ship 35 pound SACD players using styrofoam. I have purchased egg crate foam material in various sizes and thicknesses from a company that sells nothing but packaging supplies. It costs money to use solid foam but if it helps prevent the pain of dealing with a damaged component it is well worth it.
Noodles are cool!
I actually use bubble wrap on the inner box and peanuts on the outer box. This works great and I always double box!
Kudos for the swim noodle suggestion!

I am a compulsive hoarder of quality packing materials like egg crate foam, and inflatable insulation, not to mention any cardboard box that looks "just right."