A. P's

Audio Physic's "New Virgo" III has been on the market for at least 8 months. I have heard many "pros and cons" about its performance. Mainly, that it is too bright, even after burn-in, and also very fatiguing. Need some good feedback from current or ex-owners of this model, or anyone who has recently auditioned them. Also, would like to know if they imagine as well as Virgo II, and is the bass better. Thank you all!!
I gave them a brief listen in a fairly well set up room and the effect was of having my molars drilled. Briiiiiiiiite! And I have some high frequency hearing loss. I can only imagine what they are like to someone whose hearing is flat up to 15K or so. Imaging was good, though.

I could listen to these speakers for hours (actually, I do...I own them). I've listened to them in several different rooms with different electronics (I don't remember them all but do remember Classe, Spectral and Conrad Johnson)and have never thought them to be bright or fatiguing. Maybe the front end would account for what some people are hearing.

As a point of comparison, I consider Thiel 2.3 to be both bright and fatiguing.

You should give them a listen and draw your own conclusions.