A Novices Impression of the Sony DVP-S9000ES

I have been using a Rotel RCD-855 as my main CD Player in my stereo setup for about 11 months and just recently switched over to the newer (to me) and more technologically advanced Sony DVP-S9000ES SACD/DVD player. I'm a bit surprised by the different sound characteristics, but I'm really enjoying its detail so far.

My novice write-up about the comparison is here if you're interested: http://thesoundapprentice.blogspot.com/2013/10/cd-player-shootout-rotel-rcd-855-vs.html

Anyway, I came across some very old threads about people modifying the capacitors, RCA outputs and even going to greater lengths to convert them to tube outputs. Just wondering if anyone here has used either of these units and done any modifications to them, big or small, and if so, what do you think of the results. Are there any easy tweaks to do that can make these players sound even better?

Thanks for your thoughts.
Enjoyed the RCD-855 as well but its been awhile. I remember I changed out the RCA plugs for better quality ones. Internally soldered very pure copper wire from board to plugs. Also, I believe I either changed out the power cord or added an IEC chassis plug. Its been awhile or I'm getting older. These things made the sound slightly better. After I sold the 855, bought the Rotel RCD-971 HD CDP. No comparison. The 971 is SO much better. If you take off the cover you'll see what I mean. Honestly, if the 971 comes for sale @ a reasonable price (I paid around $250), consider purchasing. hope this helps, Bill.
Read your article just now. That's a nice looking Sony. $175 sounds like a steal BUT, keep a spare if parts are no longer available. Same goes for the 855. Phillips CDM-4 transport I believe. The 855 lacks a certain refinement, IMO. But, in this crazy hobby, it's all about system synerergy/room acoustics. The Wireworld series 3 cables are very good. Have a few prs. of the Oasis 3's as well as the 2 prs. Polaris 3's which are a HUGH step up from the Oasis' 3's. Oh I just remembered, I used "Herbie Audio lab" footers under the 855 which did help alot.
Kotta, thanks for the feedback. I've been mostly advised to avoid the mods because for the same money that would have to go into the 855 I could find much better used players. I'll look into the 971 for reference too. I think I'm getting a bit too excited about all of the possibilities with this hobby.

I'm pretty happy with the Wireworld cables compared to an entry-level Chord and Linn cable I tried. I haven't really had much experience changing cables out yet. That's probably something I will venture into next.
I'll tell you about some really great affordable spk. wire which I'm using right now. I had to order it from England but the cost of shipping was reasonable and the wire is really, really good. Atlas Equator mk2. Very pure copper 6N and roughly 14ga. 5 pounds a meter bare wire. Bested the Kimber 8VS which I was using previously. You will be surprised how good this spk. wire is. As far as IC's, I'd really like to try their IC's, but I'm pretty satisfied w/my current stash and money is alittle tight @ the moment. Do check out the Atlas cables. Regards, Bill.