A nice soulution pair

Hi Audiogoners!

I've bought not only the soulution 725 preamp, but also the Prephono Solution 751+power unit. This second purchese came from the fact that my digital side was great (esoteric à gogo), the analogic one was not comparable yet, there I decided to move forward to preamp phono.

Great sound, very clear, new shapes and great sound stage, even because my old Acoustat X still were on the same page! Now my 1000Vynils have to be re-listen again (what a sweet duty!).

I've always loved a very precise sound where you can distingue the single Cymbal shot from the rest of the orchestra and this was a decisive step in this direction.

What is your personal taste?


It is truly a challenge of what is exact/precise verses what is music and best captures a recorded performance.  I did have a similar love for hearing "everything" and had some Magnepan 3.5 R's.  Loved the sound.  Listening some of the Beatles recordings you could hear talking in the background.  Everything was there.  In the long run, I also found this very fatiguing.  After listening for a few hours, I found I was just done listening.  

I have since swapped this out for a single ended triode with high efficiency speakers.  What I now have, while being very exact, is much more musical.  I can listen for hours and hours. 

Love both systems and there are times I miss the maggies.  I don't know if is is old age and just more ready to sit on the porch, or something like that??   

Well, I'm old too, but sometimes I still like to focus my attention to a particular sound (a voice expression, a drumshot etc.). It's just matter of momentary focus then back our beloved music (Beatles forever!).