A newbie journey

I have come quite a long ways thus far in my journey from an ion Turntable with built in speakers that I bypassed through a cheap sony bookshelf stereo, to my vintage dual 1019 into powered mackie studio monitors with loose wires that cut in and out and the worst feedback you ever heard in your life. Then I dropped the hammer and got the yaqin mc 13s 40x40w tube amp with 2 12ax7, 2 12au7, and 4 el34 tubes, being that I only listen to records I had to get a phono preamp, i purchased the project tube box s2 and couple of cerwin vega l7 bookshelf speakers. I finally had a working fairly decent quality system. The next step was buying a sub I found a b&w sub that is basically cosmetically destroyed but in perfect working condition for 200$ usually they are about 600$ to 800$ for the particular model. I felt a major lacking in the speakers so I did what the beginner would, I put a rug down but still I found it was not enough, so I went down to best buy and tried out all of the bookshelf speakers I could, I tested the klipsch rp500's, the martin logan motion speakers, and the elac debuts, the one that outshined them all in my opinion was the bowers and Wilkins 606, these speakers truly made me feel as though I was standing in the middle of a live concert with band members all around me not to mention that day they were on sale and they only had one pair left!!! It was meant to be! I couldn't help but think how amazing they would be on my set up compared to that solid state garbage and the that digital source they were playing them on at bestbuy! It disgusts me!!! I wanted to through my records at these speakers so bad and let it rip!!!. I finally got them home and opened the packaging like a 8 year old kid on christmas day. I got them all set up and I honestly couldn't be happier! In my price range and for what my listening pleasures are this is the best sound system I have ever owned personally! I have heard higher quality mcintosh tubes on nautilus bookshelf speakers and that was other worldly but this is all I need to be happy. Ill take you one step further and say if you buy these speakers buy the stav 24 stands! Just putting these on those stands made one of the biggest differences this far. The 2 biggest changes I've noticed in better the sound quality have been the addition of my rug and the speaker stands. I would also say that adding a subwoofer was a very good choice. After all the failures and the accumulation of speakers and turntables I couldn't even give away I am happy to say I have found my happy place finally. With a little addition here and there a new stylus and some tube rolling I think I'll be completed.
Finding your happy place........ That's what its all about. Congratulations on finding it. Enjoy the music!
Well done. 
I was told by a much wiser man than I...it is better to want what you have than to have what you want. You clearly want what you have and are reaping the benefits!  
Excellent, hope you enjoy for a long time! The happy place is indeed what it's all about.
Great speakers!  I had the previous generation and really liked them.  I love that this hobby can make you feel like an 8 year old on Christmas morning!  No other purchases I make bring the same excitement as unboxing a new (Or used) piece of audio gear.  Hooking it up and listening for the differences is a fun aspect of this hobby.

Anyhow, congratulations and Happy Listening!