A New Year's Thank You to Audiogon Members....

I know we all have our stories that connect to the current times.  I am not alone, but wanted to share.  I have family and friends in dangerous areas and professions exacerbated by the current Covid crisis.  My eldest son is in metro L.A. and a friends daughter is an M.D. in NYC working with some of the population at the highest risk for Covid. 

I want to thank all, and I do mean all, members for the generally civil threads/posts/discussions about this major luxury we share, hi-end audio.  The comfort of this site is greatly appreciated and a part of what is generally civil behavior.  

I wish everyone the best for the New Year in this uncertain, overpopulated world. 

I've thought about this aspect of our hobby at length. Specifically, having a nice stereo rig is helpful when under lockdowns or work from home or whatnot. 

Also that Agon here is pretty great for sharing tips & tricks & reviews. And my '21 resolution, for this site, is to report any comment I see deviating away from opinion stuff into personal attacks. Bully types will be bounced out of here by the admins. I encourage others to monitor the civility stuff & click report when in doubt. Let's keep these forums friendly. 
Happy New Year! 
Let's make a 2021 resolution to post your audio system in Virtual Systems so we can see what you're made off. 😉
I certainly hope everyone is safe and not in harms way. Will certsinly rest well now, knowing @zufan  is on the job and walking the beat. Enjoy the music
Sarcasm isn't reportable. Typos may be, though. 

Let's all stay vigilant. 
All browsers have spell check built in, ergo there's really no excuse for typos. 

Too bad the OP on civility already has been hijacked by someone in need of attention. Sad. 
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Happy new Year to all....