A new song and a new voice

To all audiophiles who have been known, visited, or American veterans who have been served in my country please check out this clip.


It brings back alot of memories, the singer is Vietnamese, she is 19 years old and live in Belgium, studying music (guitar), this is her first recording song and playing guitar in studio with Rapas studio in Mons.
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Amthanh, thanks for the link. She does have a lovely voice. I left the country when I was only seven but I still remember these scenes vividly. I would like to go back and visit someday.
That is nice. Thanks for sharing. I don't know the language, but the song sounded melancholy. Very beautiful country.
Thanks Gypsykings and Hartwerger, hopefully I could get her first cd one day and could share more with all of you.

Gypsykings, did your parents worked in my country and in what year? I have lots of respect to all American had fought and work for my country freedom...

Happy listening.
I should say "escaped" instead of "left". I'm Vietnamese.