A new Power Conditioner, from Akiko Audio!

Jaguar is offering a new Power Conditioner from Akiko Audio, called the Corelli (named for the Italian composer). Similar to the Shunyata Typhon, in that it's a box that plugs into one receptacle of your mains outlet or power distributor, to deliver vast reduction in noise and distortion. The importance of power in audio is tremendously underestimated and this product is going to be a big deal.  Check it out!


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I sure hope it's better than that Akiko Triple AC Enhancer!
Talk about robbing a system of dynamics......
John, I’m sorry the Triple AC Enhancer didn’t work for you. However, I tend to not offer any products that suck…it’s not good for business. I’m using two Triples in the Jaguar Reference System, along with a PS Audio P10, a Lamm phono preamp, a Bully Sound amp a Doshi linestage and a TriangleART Signature turntable, all very high performance and resolving gear. That said, every system is different and there’s no accounting for synergy with every component or system in existence, so this is why I offer a trial period with items like this.  

To be exact, out of hundreds of Triple customers since the product was released, there have been returns from you and one other person, a hell of a lot of people who said it blew their mind to transform their sound for $300 and Six Moons called the Triple “one of the most effective accessories on the current audio after market” .

At the end of the day, I don’t want you spending your hard earned money on anything that doesn’t blow you away and minus the shipping you got 97% of your money back. The Triple AC Enhancer is a brilliant product and the fact that it may not be perfect doesn’t change that.

If you’d like to try the Corelli and render your honest opinion it’s the same deal, you risk nothing but the cost to ship it.
Darren, you are correct, it did not cost much to try this much ballyhooed product. Your business model is a good one, outside of placing advertisements in the forum section of Audiogon.

The Triple AC Enhancer certainly did change the sound, more bloom, almost a tube like midrange quality. However, this came at the expense of rolled off highs and bloated bass in my system.

Thanks for the offer, but I will take a pass on your Corelli, as I have not had much luck with passive filtering devices. I also tried a couple of High Fidelity MC-0.5’s this year, they didn’t work out well for me either. They made the sound-stage height and width larger, but at the expense of stage depth. My system turned into a large, flat two dimensional stage, with musicians sitting right in my lap.

The only passive devices that I have found to offer more good than bad come from Jack Bybee.
John, we agree on the importance of power to get great sound. I consider it 1/3 of the equation, equally as important as the room and system components. It’s also a very complex equation, like a puzzle where you can’t really see the pieces. I find the most effective approach differs with each system, depending on power grid conditions and component synergy and I’ve found trade offs with everything. I combine different types power and tweak devices at almost every point in my system.

I started with Balanced Power, which sounded good in my early systems, but in more recent years I tried using a BPT Signature 3.5 and had the same impression as 6Moons, that it grounded the sound and sucked out some of the air. Balanced power kills noise like a champ, but I’ve avoided offering this technology because of its tendency to bind up sound with a lot of gear.

Battery power…great sounding and economical, but current technology limits applications to low power demand.

The problem I have with Bybee filters is I don’t believe they’re a good value, way too expensive for what they deliver. Another company I’m privileged to work with is Wywires.  They built me a 36ft mains cable (running to a dedicated outlet). This cable has in-line high current Bybee filters, but I was disappointed I didn’t hear much of an impact. It may well be my electrical grid is not giving much of what they filter, but Wywires no longer offers Bybee with their cables and they’re not concerned about it. The real key to Wywires is their phase alignment techniques…anyone who’s heard their rooms at a show would be amazed how they run dirty hotel power through their Power Broker and everyone else is using a $10k power conditioner. I might agree with Bybees at a certain choke point (like the mains cable or conditioner inlet), I just don’t find it to be a solution that’s both effective and economical.

Many filter tweaks kill sound effectively. Most of the walwart shunt devices, such as the old Audio Prism (and several others that look like it) are too ham handed and not acceptable with high-ended systems. The true test of filtration is how well it rids what you don’t want and keeps what you do. It wasn’t until I encountered Akiko Audio that I found a device under $1,500, substantially effective, without killing sound. It’s not perfect, but Akiko is a world-class expert when it comes to filtration that’s both effective and precise. I get very holographic, room-filling sound with two Triple AC Enhancers in my system.  I suspect in your case one of your components, perhaps your DAC or amplifier was not agreeing with the combination.

I’m currently using the two Triple units with a PS Audio P10 power regenerator. I favor the PS Audio in my systems, because it does some nice things like regenerating the waveform and regulating the voltage and almost never does any harm. However, the P10 doesn’t do much to kill noise. I use the Triple with the P10 and still get some noise in the middle of the day. Thus I’m moving to the Corelli/P10 combo going forward.

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I haven't tried the Akiko product but I have tried the MC-0.5
And agree fully with your evaluation.
In fact I find your posts correct ,to the point and I appreciate your subtle zingers
So the Corelli removes the noise you were getting in the middle of the day?

Did you sell the used triple? Would like to hear.
Glory - 
Sorry this is off topic - would like to know if you are still using the Palladiums. I left this question at your older post (2014)
I must be the other one who returned the Akiko enhancer.

No sold them here here on the 'Gon

Verastarr now covers every wire / foil I have  and is by far the best I have had!
Interesting - what Verastarrs do you like/have?
Top of the line Statement SC/IC/AC Grounding cables and power strip 

Brilliant man Mike Powell is. 
The Verastarr is similar to the SS but sound better. Bigger/wider/ thinner and just plain better sounding. 

I have tried the Corelli and bought it.

The top end is just crazy great with it in the system.


I am glad to hear that the Corelli is working out well for you.
Enjoy the music. :)