A new phono pre, to replace my clearaudio basic

I have recently purchased a VPI Scout with a Lyra Dorian. My currnet phono pre is a Clearaudio Basic. Somehow I think the the TT deserves better. The rest of my system is a Rotel RC980bx, RB1070, CEC TL51x, Wadia 12. Interconnects are Cardas hexlink. Speakers are Impulse Aria SE.

I was thinking along the lines of a
Basic+ with accu supply
Bluenote Phono 2 MkII
Array PH-2 (is a lot more expenisive about 2k euro the rest are betweeen 1k and 1.3K)

So let me know what you think.
Hi Mordante, you may recall I have high esteem for the Basic+/Accu+ combo (see the thread "What's the difference..." that you also posted in). I do believe it is far better than the old Basic. Ideally though, and given the opportunity, also listen to what the 834P tubes do for you. If that is not your cup of tea, I can advise the combo with confidence. Perhaps one alternative you may want to consider if you go Clearaudio is the Symphono+ which is about the price of the Basic+/Accu+ combo but can be upgraded afterwards with the Accu+ as well. (I went from the original Basic to a Tim de Paravicini tube amp myself but eventually returned to a ss design).
Happy listening.
I have two EAR834Ps being fed by a Helikon/Aries/10.5 and the other by a Argo i/MM7.

This is one of the best values in an MC phono stage. Also if you go this route you might want to install some Telefunkens.
Add the Heed Quasar to your short list and if you're looking for more transparency, you might want to consider more open cables.

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Given the rest of your system you really should consider upgrading one or both of your Rotel pieces before upgrading your phono amp. The Clearaudio is ok for now and I really think the rest of your system deserves higher quality amplification. I would do the linestage first, maybe even find a full-function unit, I suggest tubes, then you solve two problems at once. Happy listening!
You might want to check out ALLNIC,1200,1500, Tubes
Buy my Audio Research PH3SE, which is listed. Just better and it gives you room to grow in both TT and cartridge.
I agree with Jond's response - you could probably get more improvement upgrading the Rotel first. You may also consider some full function preamps to go with a new amp.

As for phono alone - the combination of JLTI phono and Lyra is one the best I heard so far. The EAR isn't even close.
Some time ago I had a bid going for a Symphonic line RG9, but the bidder with drew the amp. I have tried the Ayre AX-7 but it lacked the power to control my speakers, all the oomph (if you know what I mean) was gone.
Now I spend my money on a the VPI Scout. But it is indeed probably better to do something about the pre/power first.

@piedpiper, what would you consider more "open" cables? I am buying a John van Gent phono cable later with a bit of luck.

My problem is I want it all and my budget is rather limited. Took me about 10 years to get the system I have now.
Cardas cables are known for being rich and colored like honey. Most things will be more open. My own preference is Mapleshade. Their upper end wire can get pricey, but their cheaper stuff is quite affordable, although not as smooth nor as transparent. There are many options that would open up your sound though.

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