A New MC to Catch One's Attention

The Link is showing a most recent Cartridge on offer from Audio Technica.

From what I see in the sales spiel, there are a good line up of what would be Ticked Boxes to get the model noticed.

There seems to be plenty on offer to get one's attention.




You've got to be nuts or have money to burn to spend $9K on a cartridge. They all wear out and need replacement!

It used be buying the best shoes or boots was, over time, a savings. They could be rebuilt almost indefinitely. OK not an exact compare but a very important aspect for me is if the cart manufacturer offers realistic-cost repair and rebuild services. The whole trade-in thing seems like a joke imho.

Both lines I work with offer ( even encourage ) maintenance, repair and rebuild services. At VERY reasonable prices. It's a long term relationship. Or at least it can be.

two examples of repairable carts

When I decide to get a $9,000 cart, please shoot me. My $500 Ortofon Quintet Blue is keeping me unshot. Or so it seems. By the way, is MC ever going away again?  Just wondering.

"Romancing the Stone" comes to mind.....

....and do any of us really go away?

(I heard that...)