A new crossover for the Infinity RS 1B's

I have the origional Infinity RS-1B's speakers which were/are quite good. I have been advised by man that the active crossover that infinity included was not a very good unit. This crossover is the control for the servo subs and has all the bass speaker cabling and all the interconnects plugged into it.

Does anyone one have any other suggested corover's that you might thing will work better??? I have heard that the Threshold is a good unit.....any others?
I've had a system RS1-B some years ago, and it's true, the xover doesn't work very good; if you have the possibility, try an IRS-V xover, that is much more performing.
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Probably the guy who is the BEST in the world concernig that speaker is Bill Miller of Miller Sound. I think he is out of Philly. If you respond to this, I will get the number from home tonight and send it to you. I heard a pair of RS1b's that he moded, ALL driver and the crossover, and it was one of the top 2 or 3 speakers I have ever heard, including things like the $70K Logans and the such. The RS1b with his changes was superior.