A New Comprehensive Turntable Setup Video

This is my new video tutorial, showing the steps to set up a high-end turntable, using TriangleArt's Signature Turntable, Osiris Tonearm and Apollo Cartridge. I've wanted to do this project for more than a year and it was one of the most difficult I've taken on. I appreciate any suggestions and unvarnished feedback you’d like to offer, about the content, video quality, sound, etc.

Here's a link.  Sorry, this ancient interface doesn't allow me to embed the video or even post a picture.

As far as I can tell, this is the only free online video showing how to set up a high performance turntable, with the exception of Michael Fremer’s RMAF and Axpona videos on YouTube.


This was my first on-camera project, so don’t expect a Ryan Seacrest-like performance. After I decided to forget about how I looked and just focus on getting the lines out correctly, it still took around 20 late nights to complete shooting.

The video is intended to include everything important and avoid confusion, so even a beginner can set up just about any turntable. There’s no attempt to explain how/why things work, discuss theories or include brand-specific instructions, just 32 minutes of step-by-step setup instruction.

The video is posted on the Jaguar Blog page for full-screen viewing and there will be step-by-step instructions available for download shortly. Keep an eye out for future Jaguar video projects. I have several in the wings and will be getting them out as soon as I can.

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Well done and thanks.  

I,m interested ....

Wow!  Very, very nicely done. Thanks for freely sharing that incredible amount of work.

Only criticism I have is that CookOut burgers are way better than In'N'Out burgers. :)
I'll have to check this out.   Wonder if Michael Fremer is loosing sleep over the competition.  
Thanks for the appreciation everyone.  Don't be shy about speaking up if you think I left something out, because I'm still composing the notes for the video.

BCowen, I thought you were referring to burgers from someone's back yard, but then I notice the caps in the name.  I see that we don't have one of those within 1,500 miles of Seattle, but I'll store it in memory, if I'm in the area.
The Notes Document that accompanies the video has just been uploaded to the Jaguar Blog Page. It's a PDF document with step-by-step instructions, to make it a little easier to get through the video without having to keep going over segments or take notes yourself.