A new chapter has begun.

It’s been a little while since I’ve posted, but I am proud to share my recent upgrades to my system.  It’s been a very special year, and  having a milestone birthday with probably the worlds greatest wife, I’ve upgraded my ARC LS-17 and DS450 to a Ref 6 and Ref 75se.  Since I no longer use my Maggie’s, I no longer need brute power.  

They are both still breaking in, the ref 6 being ahead of the Ref75se, but the sound is just exceptional.  The system is beyond amazing, and to think that it will only get better.  It’s shut the lights, light a candle, and be transported to the venue good. The ref75 still has a loooong way to go to reach 600 hours, but I can say that I am one happy camper.  

The lack of grain is amazing. Sure it doesn’t have quite the insane supply reserve for startling dynamics that the DS450 has, but the huge power cut is of no worry, especially with my proacs.  I’m thinking with some burn in however, that dynamics will continue to improve.  Not that I’m complaining I’m the least, because comparing apples to oranges, this little tube amp is fierce in the dynamics.  

For me, the 8ohm tap was the obvious choice, even with my speaker rating at 4 ohm.  It just sings.  What a refined, mature sound. I understand what the hub bub is about now.  I’m in love.  
Love the enthusiasm.  Which ProAc's?
Thanks dep14.

I am very excited!  I run the D48R. 
Always nice to hear positive news.  But without having your system page posted, it’s hard to understand what sort of system you’re working with.
Great to hear a fellow enthusiast as happy with their system as I am with mine! Unfortunately the majority seem to be not so content.

Sounds like a beautiful system. I am using the ProAc D-40r with Luxman tube equipment. Great sounding speakers.
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@audiolover718 Are you using KT150s? If not, you have w nice surprise in store when you do. Cheers,
Congrats. Now add a Virtual System with pics!
Agreed with other posters. You need to show us the system.
Congratulations on achieving your goal!

I own the ProAc D48Rs too and love the magic that they create. Some users and my dealer tell me that ProAcs create magic with tubes.
How wonderful!!!!!
enjoy the magic
and the music :-)
You no doubt compared them with other similar offerings?
ATC for example? Anything to share on that?
Nice speakers, and awesome you are happy.  Think I might be pretty close myself for a while...
The ARC Ref6 pre/Ref75 SE are a great match. Heard it a week ago with TAD ME-1s and it is very very good. Also heard with Wilsons (Sabrina and Sasha 2s and Sasha DAW) and that is really good too. Great synergy with those two ARC components.
I am new to this hobby and I do not have a clue what you are talk about when you refer to  ARC LS-17 and DS450 to a Ref 6 and Ref 75se.  A lot of these discussions use these types of abbreviations and for people like me, it is really difficult for me to follow.
Audio Research LS-17 preamplifier 
Audio Research DS450 Class D power amplifier
Audio Research Reference 6 preamplifier
Audio Research Reference 75se vacuum tube stereo amplifier

Hope this helps.
What are you mumbling audilover718? Seems you are tooooo exited to articulate your thoughts.

I’m sorry,  as a relatively new member, you’re not off to good start imho, especially with me.  If you’re going to troll me, get to know me first.  Have a little respect.  You come across as rude and condescending. I’m no snowflake, but that rubbed me the wrong way.

 Yes, there are a few typos here and there in my post.  But most of us should be able get past them and comprehend the message......I tapped it into my phone and not on my computer. Forgive me.  However, I do not feel that there was any “mumbling”. Im sure people were able to understand what I was trying to convey.

Let’s start over, shall we? 

Anyway, I’m very excited to have finally achieved this kind of quality gear. It’s a long time in the making.  I’ve been a member here for several years and other members know what has come and gone in my system.  For some reason, I do not see my virtual system listed anymore. Strange.   I will have to recreate one. 

Congrats I'm sure you've worked hard to get that level of gear... that's basically my dream system 
Thanks Gregdude!  Yes a lot of overtime and an awesome wife made it all
happen.  I’m like a kid with a new bike. Im very taken by how smooth the highs are.  They extend very well without being too bright. Listening to Roger Waters Amused to Death is mind boggling experience.  The speakers disappear and are able to show all off the wizardry of the mix.  Incredible! 

When I heard the ref6 it was love at first listen. That being said,
I like keeping the synergy of brands with my gear.  I feel the synergistic effect of having a matching system can cause  it to be greater than the sum of its parts.  While there may be better out there for the money, I enjoy my ARC gear and consider them to be a very safe “go to” for hi quality sound. I wasn’t really looking to mix and match, although, I’m sure many have phenomenal outcomes doing so.  
Thank You for the update. I concur about gear/system synergy. Enjoy your newest acquisition and the Music!

Happy Listening!
OP, I'm glad you mentioned Waters' Amused to Death. For sound quality it is very good in CD, but absolutely amazing in BlueRay.
My dream system as well. Huge ProAc fanboy here. I’m very fond of British loudspeakers.
My entry level B&W floorstanders are quite pleasing & have served me well. The D48’s are a whole other animal. Be all end all type of gear.
Congrats Sir!

Oh & you’d troll defense game is strong as well
lmao. Good on you!
OK I'm jealous.  If you add a linn lp12 to that you have my dream system.  I've spent hours listening to ProAc with AR at my local shop and fell in love with the sound.  I'm sure it will give you years of pleasure.
Virtual System is up.  Thanks guys!
Coming up at around 60 hours now. Always sounds amazing, but I will say that some days sound better than others. With my schedule, it will take me a while to rack up the hours for burn in, and unfortunately being an all tube system, turning it on and closing the door for 2 weeks is out of the question. After 60 hours, there is very noticeable increase in micro detail and finesse, although as of late, I feel like the depth could be better. (Could Be the ref 6 still Burning in).......The roller coaster of burn in!

What strikes me all the time however, is how the the ref 75se can unravel complexities so much better then my previous DS450. It is an x ray of the soundfield but it doesn’t sound clinical. It’s musical. Not hi fi pyrotechnic sizzles and boom.

Incidental noises on recordings are more discernible. Chair creaks, coughs, etc..you can see these things very easily. It’s imaging that I’ve rarely encountered before, and it’s satisfying to have it finally in my own system to enjoy. These two pieces work extremely well together.

I do remember reading a thread about a member who was breaking in their ref 6 and complained about it being bass shy at times and being a little on the bright side. Someone had mentioned that’s some people only notice the preamp get better and better and wondered why some people got "schizophrenic ref 6’s". some people, were quick to be dismissive and state there must be something with his system for him to hear differences from day to day.
I wouldnt go that far with mine, but I do concur with OP stating they could hear differences as his ref 6 was burning in. I hear it as well.

I had the ref 6 for about six months before getting the ref 75se. I put about 200 hours on it before the ref 75. While the ref 6 was an obvious improvement on the Ls17, the ref 75se is to my ears, an even bigger improvement on the DS450. I would imagine because the ds450 and ref75 are different topologies all together, while the already tubed LS-17 is more of a scaled and stripped down version of ARC’s better Tube preamps.

The ribbons on the proacs with tubes is absolute magic. It’s true, ARC and ProAc are a phenominal match. Shout out to JohnnyR and his associates at audio connection in Verona, NJ for their guidance and help. Great place to audition this gear. Be prepared though, you may fall in lust.

My love for this hobby has been rekindled, for sure. I have so much old music rediscover and enjoy! Feeling quite blessed. 😌

To Larry,
I certainly understand the confusion. But sometimes it is not too difficult to figure out. Just cut and paste the abbreviation, put it in your search engine and see what this refers to in terms of audio. Sometimes these numbers refer to something completely different but scroll down until you come to an audio component as in DS450. 

Then unfortunately different components from different makes have the same number as in the 75se. I am very interested in this as I have an arc ref 10 and I'm looking for an amp that will be a tube component match for it to replace my ss(solid state) amp.  Well it turns out that BAT had a 75se years ago but eventually with some time you figure these things out. As they say google is your friend and an expedient dictionary.

I am glad that audiolover718 is crazy about his because that helps me to know if I want to move in this direction.