A new cable for dynaudio c4 confidence

I have a dynaudio c4 speakers, I use a acoustic zen absolute speakers cable. I want to buy a new cable for the c4, the ocos cable( standard version) is a upgrade, is better option ? Your appreciations please . Thanks
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I heard the ocos cable once about 3 years ago with a Naim system driving C1's. Ocos is more known for long speaker cable runs. Can't say it would be an upgrade but more of a sideways move. My preference for Dyn speakers is the Nordost series2 cables. I have the original Frey when I had my C1's and the Heimdall2 is better sounding cable IMO. If you can't demo cables consider the cable Company for they have a lending program.
Hmmmm. I am demoing a pair of Snake RIver Audio Cottonmouth Sigs with my Confidence 3's/Plinius combo and will be buying them! Stealth Hybrid MLT's were a nice match, too. More years ago, I used Analysis Plus Oval 8 with good results.
How do you like the AZ absolutes...I was looking at them, too. But, I had AZ in the past and, while there was nothing wrong with them, they didn't keep my attention.
I guess the correct question is what do you feel is missing ?

What do feel is lacking in the AZ sound?
I have Confidence 3's powered by a Plinius SA201.
I had AZ's some time ago and didn't keep them long as I felt it wasn't a great match. The cables that I have had which I liked a lot were Analysis Plus Oval 8, Stealth Hybrid MLT, Gabriel Gold Rapture r and now Snake River Audio Cottonmouth Sig. Of those, the Stealth and SRA are the standouts in my mind. The Cable Co. has some SRA and Stealth around and I think that's an excellent suggestion. A lot of people seem to like the Nordost line with the danes, but it really depends on your ear, system and all the usual considerations.