A must watch YouTube video on stylus in the groove!!!

Google Applied Science LP you tube.  Should be right at top.  Look at those grooves and how the needle is Bouncing!!!!  Now explain how important antiskate, null points, etc are.  If you thought your stylus was running parallel to the smooth groove walls Well so much for that.

This guy is selling nothing in this video.  No hypothesis to let his ego get in the way and no conclusion.  Well  I thought some of the more technical guys might get a bang out of this, regardless if it might make you rethink  your own hypothesis.

Enjoy the ride
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Audiotweak well said.  I will bet there are more than 2 on this very forum.  

Millercarbon if you watch Peters video again and really listen you might want to listen to the part of the Humming bird and averaging etc...  Another interesting note is the engineer needs a job and the employer needs to make a profit.  The complexity of what is going on in a turntable is mind blowing. Another major variable is how good are the inventors ears.  I will bet there are alot of people  who could not hear the difference from the belt version vs rim/idler on your Teres table.

The point I was bringing up is a album is a non straight bumpy road.  If you  have a cheap usb mircoscope shoot a picture of a album.  Then think about antiskate and how well it can react to the speed of hit rebound.  Then think about all the rest of the variables, known and unkown. 

As with most things in life I may not know what is perfect but I normally know if it is really wrong.  In regards to being a newbie I build my 1st Teres like turntable about 20 years ago when the whole project was going on.  Used 3 different Teres controllers thru the years.  Now running 2 and 3 phase 35 -50 watt motors with custom built controllers.  So set up right next to each other, 3 tables and 5 arms that I can run with belt/tape/string or idler within 5 minutes.  The Platters are 35 to 55 pounds.  The latest is aluminum/delrin/brass/lead/brass/lead/brass/pvc sandwich which is lead shot loaded like your Teres but more holes and lead shot.  Also built 10,12, 13,14, 16 inch tone arms with various woods, aluminum, and carbon fiber.  Some of the arms are attached to the plinth others to their own platforms.  I could go on and on but you get the idea. 

On a side note, if you already have not done it,  try different hardness and types of o'rings on your rim drive.  There are lots of arguments why this could or could not make a difference, but it is cheap and you can listen for yourself.

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