A must watch YouTube video on stylus in the groove!!!

Google Applied Science LP you tube.  Should be right at top.  Look at those grooves and how the needle is Bouncing!!!!  Now explain how important antiskate, null points, etc are.  If you thought your stylus was running parallel to the smooth groove walls Well so much for that.

This guy is selling nothing in this video.  No hypothesis to let his ego get in the way and no conclusion.  Well  I thought some of the more technical guys might get a bang out of this, regardless if it might make you rethink  your own hypothesis.

Enjoy the ride
Let me guess- you watched precisely.... zero seconds of that video. You have absolutely zero idea what he said. Zero comprehension, for sure.

How many phono cartridges have you built, theaudiotweak? Zero?

How many years experience rebuilding phono cartridges? Zero?

So no wonder the number of things you got right is: zero.

A dazzling display of word salad. Slather some Blue Cheese on and you got something.
Where's the link Tom?
Word salad to you. And that is your lack of understanding and vision. And dont send me a stupid private message like the one you sent in early March. You draw a blank. Tom