A must watch YouTube video on stylus in the groove!!!

Google Applied Science LP you tube.  Should be right at top.  Look at those grooves and how the needle is Bouncing!!!!  Now explain how important antiskate, null points, etc are.  If you thought your stylus was running parallel to the smooth groove walls Well so much for that.

This guy is selling nothing in this video.  No hypothesis to let his ego get in the way and no conclusion.  Well  I thought some of the more technical guys might get a bang out of this, regardless if it might make you rethink  your own hypothesis.

Enjoy the ride
Link? Because pasting Google Applied Science LP into youtube gives the same electron microscope video as 4 years ago and its not motion.

Anyway, the phenomenon you think requires rethinking is called jitter.
Bear with the slow intro, its as fascinating as it is relevant.
Can't wait? Skip ahead to 20:20 for jitter
So the expert here in the video is using a digital term to describe motions which are actually shear waves that are cut into the the vinyl.. The stylus tracks those inscribed shear waves and converts that motion into an electrical signal. A speaker also has motion and therefore shear waves created at the launch of the voice coil...all that motion and and shear travels on both side of the cone at the same time as well as thru the material.
A record responds much like a cone in motion..2 sides vibrating one being the dominant surface... the shear waves travel on and thru both. The styus reacts to the shear on both material sides and hears both sides. The stylus also hears a polarity of shear that travels on the surface hits the paper center and is reflected back at the stylus. The same happens when energy is reflected from the lip of the record back at the stylus.
None of this happens at the same time.
The intended signal is being corrupted by the constant shift of polarity which are mechanical waves known as shear waves. A reduction in shear wave interference is what needs to be understood in order to reduce overall distortion. Jitter term is used because some do not know of or understand shear wave motion. Tom

Let me guess- you watched precisely.... zero seconds of that video. You have absolutely zero idea what he said. Zero comprehension, for sure.

How many phono cartridges have you built, theaudiotweak? Zero?

How many years experience rebuilding phono cartridges? Zero?

So no wonder the number of things you got right is: zero.

A dazzling display of word salad. Slather some Blue Cheese on and you got something.
Where's the link Tom?
Word salad to you. And that is your lack of understanding and vision. And dont send me a stupid private message like the one you sent in early March. You draw a blank. Tom