A musical "heads up" to any and all...

I just picked up the new Nickel Creek cd titled "Why Should The Fire Die?" and it's outstanding. Good intelligent songwriting, excellent musicianship and great sonically as well. Highlight tracks for me are #4 "Scotch and Chocolate", #5 "Can't Complain" and #13 "Helena". I don't think you'll be dissapointed. Just so you know, my musical tastes vary from Miles Davis/Stan Getz/U2/Smiths/Dire Straits to John Mellencamp/Dave Matthews/Beatles/Nirvana and the previous threads mentioned Bob Mould. As always YMMV.

Happy Listening,

I like everything Nickel Creek does.
The first two albums are just as good. As with the second one, it will probably take some time to warm up to this album. It took me a while, but I almost like the the second album more than the first. Both of which are very good.
When I first started listening to Nickel Creek, it was a little too saccharin for me. As I've gotten to know their work, I have more and more respect for it. Fantastic stuff, can't wait to pick up the new one.
Found the new album disappointing - prefer the first two.
I picked them up by chance on the basis anything produced by Alison Krauss couldn't be bad.
Check out the Creekdippers - you'll hate them then come to love them (the vocals are a bit eccentric?) but the recordings are absolutely stunning !
Also Dan Hicks 'Alive & Lickin' gutted that his european tour was cancelled
I have your musical tastes and a Nickle Creek sacd already. Really like that too.
Well, I picked up the new album today and gave it a long listen- boy was I disappointed. They seem to be using their bluegrass roots as kitch and trying to break into the rock mainstream. The lyrics are more vicious than before and not nearly as interesting. They're using some electronic crap on a few tracks. This might be an ok rock album, but it's totally derivative and betrays that great style of the Nickel Creek I used to love! I loved their first album so much, what a let down. Just goes to show how musical tastes can vary! I blame it on the new producers.
Great to hear everyone's varying opinions so far. That to me is what makes music and art so beautiful and interesting. As far as Nickel Creek, I became a fan after hearing "The Smoothie Song" on WXRT in Chicago a few years back. Bought the cd then the sacd. I've also recently become a fan of Conor Oberst and Bright Eyes. "It's Morning, I'm Wide Awake" has some interesting songwriting as well as being very well produced. Anyhow...
I was disappointed also. I don't listen to country at all but do love Allison Krauss and Nickel Creek. I've got the first two CD's and made me a best of compilation from them, taking at least over 3/4's of the tracks from each but could only lift four tracks off of the new one that I really liked. I think the guys above are right, go back to Allison K for production and don't be something your not.
check out Eastmountainsouth, album of the same name, Willy Mason "Where the Humans Eat" and Danny George Wilson "The Famous Mad Mile".
Only heard one track of Eastmountains. but reminded me of Nickel Creek at their best. The other two are 'growers' as opposed to stunners but very nice production on the the DG Wilson album.