A music system to operate to....

At the risk of getting a lot of jokes I figured a catchy title might get a good response. My partners and I can finally put a sound system back in our operating room and are looking for suggestions. No jokes, it just helps relax everyone (remember you want your surgeon happy and calm). Anyway, as the group audionut, I have been given the task. The goal is a portable system that will sound good (recognizing limitations), hold at least 3 cds, and have a tuner. It must fit into a lockable cupboard as it will get stolen otherwise. The budget is not meant to be extravegant (under 500 or theft increases). I have looked at all the old threads but wonder if there is anything new that people have come across. I couldn't find much. On AA I have heard that cambridge audio and jvc were good choices and I had wondered about the small computer speakers featured in stereophile a while back (aego2) I think it was called but wasn't sure what to use as a source. Thanks in advance
I like the Aiwa with white bass driver sold at Target for $150-$170. Has a 3 cd changer, tuner, sounds really good but doesn't play really loud.