A Multi-channel connection question - help...

I just purchased the Pioneer DV-47Ai Universal player and an Audio Refinement Pre2-DSP Processor/Preamp. I am putting together a system for an addition i am putting on my home. I am also getting 5 Reimer speakers for the system - 2 tetons for the front and 3 McColloughs for the center and rear channels. I am not using a sub for this system as i was told it will most likely not be necessary as the tetons will cover that frequency range without a problem. I know that the outputs for the universal, as well as the processor for multi-channel (DVD-Audio, etc.) are 6 channels, with one channel designated for a sub. I am having the player modded - since i am not using a sub, is it necessary to worry about that 6th channel for any reason ? Will that 6th channel just be left unused and the bass info will come from the front 2 channels ? I just want to make sure I am not overlooking that 6th channel for some reason in this kind of configuration. Any help is certainly appreciated - many thanks in advance !! Larry L.
That is very good question...

Look in the owners manual and see if you can
set the sub to none. Then Hopefully it will
send all LF to speakers set as large. I would
STRONGLY recommend (and i think most here would)
that you really should consider running a Sub
especially for movies. It will make a big difference
and SAVE your other speakers, There have been recent
threads were people are GRENADING their woolfers
because some of the redicilous movie explosions ect...
on DVD'S. Better to let the Sub take a beating than
other speakers.

Does that model have the ability to switch mains to small?
I almost bought one (not sure what model) but i didnt
because bass managment was limited...
When you set up your processor just set it to no sub and your front channels will get the low fqz. info. Just read your info. that comes with your processor and you will be ok. If your center and rears are not full range I would get a sub when you can swing it. I would go to outlaw audio web sit and get their X-over for your dvd audio as most processors don't do base management for dvd audio and the ones that do don't do it as well as this one does.