A Mullard question

Hi all, My question is this: I realize mullard tubes were made under different labels. Did amperex and mullard ever join ranks? Also did the words great britian spell out as such or was GT used on the mullard tubes? I hope someone can help me with this. Thanks in advance.
You might want to try calling Ken Chait at Advantage Tube Services, # 1-800-273-7234.
Amperex and mullard were both brands of Phillips - so in some (many) cases, they are the same tube. Definitely same tooling in many cases. What was printed on tube is irrelavent really. All phillips tubes had etched codes determining tube type, date, place of manufacture.

I just received as a Gift a quad RCA branded Mullard from UK

To my sole knowledge..is the BEST sounding tube tha ever was made.

I agree that maybe have "THE" Dutch Philips !!!Inspiration"
however was made in UK.

NOT more fabricated!


Hello Alex. Yes, Mullard made many outstanding tubes,some are legendary today. However.They also made a lot of mediocre tubes as well as some downright duds for audio applications. You never mention what "type" of mullard tubes you received. Output tubes, triodes,tetrodes, 9 pin miniature receiving tubes or rectifiers, or or or or???????????????
Hello all of you!

Sorry... I received 50 used mostly branded Philips, Thorn & RCA all EL-34 series, and most important ALL THESE was made in England "B" the first of the 4 digit-code at the lowest glass part.
Some with 2 getters and mostly with only One also mostly "crimped" plates and a few "Welded" ones.
Which one is better...really I don't know...YET!

All my best wishes...