A move has me thinking of a CD changer....?

I have moved to a city that is too far away for any quality FM stations....ie: no Jazz, no NPR/public radio stations..etc. simply two or three Country stations...

I have a very good extensive CD collection and both of my systems CD players are single disc players....so the question is, are there any good sounding CD changers? I could also use a changer with an outboard DAC. And no, I am not putting down Country music, it is just not what I choose to listen to. And to me, online/streaming is too limited in the dynamic range and frequency band width.
What I am looking for is for non-critical listening when I am on my p.c. or fixing a meal, etc.  To load up 5 or so CDs and let them play at random through the meal.  I had a Denon and Sony in the past, but consolidated from 3 systems down to one....at the same time I sold a house and a couple of sports cars....ah yes, the life after divorce.  

Thanks for your thoughts and suggestions.  J
OP: I have the Onkyo that donvito just mentioned.  Not very reliable as far as random play is concerned.  Out of the 3 brands that I've had, that's the worst one for the random feature.