A most neutral and transparent power cord

Hi.I have been reading all the interesting topics about cables for the past while.Can i get you votes for a most neutral and transparent PC for around 200 new or used...THANKS!!!
The Zcable Gold Lightning is a really good sounding cord in your requested price range.
I am having great luck with a VH Audio (Chris Ven Haus) power cord on my Musical Fidelity A300 integrated amp.

Very neutral and balanced presentation.

Here is a link to my review of it.


It is also priced very reasonably (less than $100).
need to know what its for to give you a recommendation. one brands transparent is another brands noisey.
I second the VH Audio powercord. I just built 2 flavor 2 cords for my monoblocks and am favorably impressed with their performance. They have lowered the background noise below what I thought was possible-- I thought it was quiet before, and didn't realize how much noise was there until it was gone. Supplies to build 2 6 footers was $130 or so and it took me all of 30 minutes including beer swilling.
Try FMS "Nexus 63" and you won't be disappointing.
Best of all, that I tried before( Electraglide, Cardas, Audio Tekne etc.)

Good luck, Jack.
Absolute Power Cord--properly cryo'ed.
Psychicanimal, what did the cryo treatment do for the the Absolute Power Cord? Where do you have your cords treated?
stop looking, TG AUDIO SILVER, period.
First, show me what *neutral* is and I'll tell you.
I like the TG SLVR as well, but it's nowhere near the price mentioned originally.

I third the VH Audio, as well as give enthusiastic recommends to Aural Thrills (www.auralthrillsaudio.com). I have 2 Silver Big Ones in my systems (one in main, one in second), and they are incredible for little money.

The VH Audio cables come in 3 different flavors, so they can be tailored to the usage (grounded/ungrounded source, etc.).

Either one is a real winner in my book....ummmm, system.
On Krell, use PURE NOTE SIGMA. It makes a big difference.


As a bonus, they are great to deal with.

My cryo treatment was done at Jena Labs. Lak loaned me two Absolute's that were cryo'ed at Cryoplus and the results were shady. It was like two different power cords. Jena Labs is superior.

This afternoon I sent two Absolute's to Alan Kafton; one of them will be double cryo'ed and I will burn them in on my refrigerator. I will audition all three power cords and find out...
I got a Bogdan pc, advertized here, some two weeks ago. It is getting very impressive although it continues to break-in. It has always been very dynamic but lacked the detail of more expensive pcs, but increasingly it is gathering detail and sound stage precision in imaging. At $390 for a 6 footer this may not only be a best buy but also the best. It uses three solid silver wires and Furatek plugs. If it ever stops improving, I will say more.
I give my thumbs up to Michael Wolff cords, Eichmann Express AC and the Bogdan AC.
Cryogenics International in Scottsdale will cryo your cables for you but I don't recommend it. I built 2 cords exactly the same, one was cryoed and one not. The cryoed one sounded a touch smoother it also had a loss of resolution. Others have conveyed similar results.
Oh my God! I just sent yesterday two Absolute power cords and two Power Ports to Cryogenics International!
RE: Corona & Psychicanimal:

One, inconclusive report? Were the cables ever fully, and/or properly conditioned? Was this experience upon first listen? Or after *both* cables had sufficient time in your system? This report is completely unreliable, giving no foundation or reference for evaluation. A "loss of resolution" compared to what? One of the hallmarks of cryogenic treatment IS increased resolution. That has been my experience *in every case*.

"Others have conveyed similar results."

Au contraire. Nonsense. I've experienced NO LOSS of information......quite the opposite, and have never heard of such a loss with any of the people who have used Cryo International. Just the opposite....people have thanked me over and over for the referral. I've been dealing with Cryo International for well over one year, and have had 100% success with them, and their process. So have quite a number of well-recognized audio companies......Audio Magic, Shunyata, Aurios, Silversmith, Dedicated Audio, and others. In fact, sales of their products are strong because of high customer satisfaction. Loss of resolution, indeed.

Such short-term, inconclusive remarks, in my view, are irresponsible. And Psychicanimal......you sent the cabling directly to ME, not to Cryogenics International. This was done as a favor, so you would avoid the $75 minimum, by combining your cables with one of my orders. Let's have the facts straight. They'll be returned to you in due course, without treatment.
Viggen. Can you describe the flavour of the Eichmann to me. I am interested because it is one of the very few AC cords that is legal for me to use in New Zealand and I would kinda like my insurance to work if my house burns down. The little I have read seems to indicate the sound could be a tad warm, bass heavy and slowed transients. Having seen several of your posts I figure you know your stuff and would find your opinions more valuable than what I have so far been able to find out about these cables.
Hey Redkiwi,

I did try just about every powercord I have in just about every possible application.

I am lucky that I found a way to enjoy the Eichmann cable in my system. I've had it for months and never really like it until a Furutech ETP60 arrived a few weeks ago, which is a power distributor. The Eichmann connects the ETP to the wall, and it does a damn good job here. This combination brings infinitely more music to my system.

As of this morning, I took the Eichmann out and put a wolfcord that just arrived in its place. I will let the cord burn in then do some more serious comparisons. So far, the eichmann gets the nod. However, when connecting to the audiomagic stealth, the wolfcord is way better even without burn in.

So, so far, I have a positive penchant for this cord from down under just like I do with those bullet plugs. I hope my experience helps you a bit.
Thanks Viggen. I am close to buying one and just seeing how it goes, and that helps. I need a cord to feed my amp. I find the BMIs are great cords elsewhere in the system but just do not deliver the current to my amp. The Eichmann sounds as if it does - particularly if it does the difficult current delivery job of feeding a power distributor.
I'll second the nod to Eichmann. I tried one out and played wiht it in several areas. I found the TG Audio SLVR beat it on my amp, but the Eichmann seemed to synergistically gel with the mod'd Sony SACD front end I have....match made in heaven !

Sounds (as Viggen has kind of said, and I have found in my system) that it can do better in some areas than others, but overall it's a fine cord.
Viggen, I'm curious which Wolf cord are you using with the Stealth? Thanks.
Hey Ox,

I have both the Gain and Source cords but have only used the Gain on the Stealth so far.
Thanks Viggen. I have been considering the Wolf since I'm looking for a ~$200 cord to pair with a Stealth Mini that I bought used, which didn't come with the stock Audio Magic powercord. I'm presently using it with a BPT Clarity-10 powercord, but the combination isn't ideal. The Stealth w. BPT cord does wonders with my amp OR my preamp. However, when both are plugged into the Stealth, the dynamics are choked off. I think this may be a current limiting problem, and perhaps a better powercord may be the ticket. Please update us once the Wolf cord breaks in, and let us know how it finally measures up against the Eichmann. Thanks again!
Hey Oxia,

I use components with rather low power requirements. With that being said, the Eichmann really only excel on the Furutech power distributor and not on my amp, cd player or on the AM Stealth Mini. So, I don't think it is a current or power issue that makes the Eichmann and Furutech combo work so well together rather they have sonic attributes that synergizes well. The same can be said about the Wolfcord and Stealth. However, I surmise that your system's AC might be too filtered rather than its power being choked off when you have both components hooked into the Stealth. In this case, the Wolf cord might or might not be your ticket. The Wolf cord does give the Stealth more ability to sound less filtered being that this cable has more clarity than the others I've used. If, however, you feel your current is being choked off, you can try the Wolf cord or their new Gain Squared which supposedly is a higher gauge cable.
Viggen, do you really find the Wolff better than the Bogdan?

I cannot absolutely say which cable is better than the other: The Wolff cords just works better in mine. Being that my system is a digital based and not an analog based one, emi/rfi being taken into consideration is important to me. And Wolff cords do this more so than Bogdans.
Yea, Ben hates shielded cables. I am in complete agreement with you about drawing inferences from one system to another, but I am very impressed with the Bogdan and have not heard teh Wolff.