A Momentary Lapse of Reason?

Two months ago, I bought a used Esoteric DV 50 Universal player. I liked it a lot but like most of us, I kept thinking "what if". The what if turned into me selling the DV 50 3 weeks later (already regretting it) and buying a new Esoteric SA 10. I didn't like the SA 10 at all, as even after breaking the player in for 300+ hours, it sounded too uninvolving and too smooth with not too much dynamics.

So, as insanity started to creep in, I brought the SA 10 back to the dealer and exchanged it (with more money) for an Esoteric UX-3 Universal Player that was an "exhibition stock" and still carried the full manufacturers warranty. This player had retailed for $8500.00 and was being offered for $3995.00. The difference is like a peanut butter sandwich to a steak dinner, simply amazing. As this is a unit that was used at shows, I would guess it is pretty broken in already and it is making some really nice music, cold out of the box. I am so proud.

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Post-Waters Corporate Floyd?
The SA's don't sound any where near as good as the DV's and the UX-3 blows (BLOWS) away the DV50 and it gets better till 1000 hours! Pure magic. Put a good power cord on that badboy (don't get a digital power cord - those esoteric transformers don't need any help keeping things quiet) and go balanced out (turn off multi channel and digital out if listening in 2 channel mode) with a good pair of cables and be prepared to close the gap with vinyl.

You should be proud.
I am using a Shunyata Diamondback power cord which is plugged into a Shunyata Hydra 4. Groneberg cables connect from the player to the pre. I have been running the Esoteric/Isotek burn in cd in between playing my favorite disks. It sounds better and better each time I play it.

How about X-03SE vs UX-3? And X-05?
x03 more resolved than the 05. have not heard the ux03 in in too long to comment.