A mistake spending too much on amplification?

I was wondering if I screwed up by spending too much money on amplification? I have been upgrading my amp/preamp for awhile now (I started with a CODA Unison, then upgraded to a McCormack DNA-125 and EE Minimax, then to a Herron pre, and now mating that with Sixpacs). And, although there are subtle improvements, I am not hearing any night/day improvements, even when I go back to the CODA. And the CODA is much cheaper!

Does this mean I outpaced my speakers? Kind of like putting a supercharged turbo engine in a car with bald tires? Speakers are VS VR2's and Soliloquy 6.3's. Anyone have a good estimation on amplification costs relative to speaker costs? Sell the better amplification; use the money to buy better speakers?

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Not sure this is relevant, but I'm driving $1,400.00 monitor speakers with $11,000.00 worth of amp/pre-amp. Oh yeah, and $3,450.00 in wires. The system sounds superb and even though the speakers were supposed to be interim after selling my Harbeths, they're staying for a while.
The Dynaudio Focus 110s replaced $3,000.00 Harbeths which replaced $4,500.00 ProAcs. My room is quite small (11 x 13.5) and I now use a REL sub with very close attention to tuning. The Focuses (Foci?) were just to have something until I made deal on Cremonas or something other montitor in that price range. The 110s are performing so well that my search has slowed considerably. And I've never been a fan of Dynaudio speakers before - always a little clinical for my tastes. By the way, I use a Joule Electra LA150 pre and an EAR 890 tube amp.

Interconnects are all Cardas Golden Refs with TG Audio speakers cables. I am cursed with the ability to hear differences btw wires and cables - these are all more musical (to my ears) than Audience AU24s and Kimber Selects.

I actually really, really like the little 110s. They are more musical and engaging in my system and room than the ProAcs, Harbeths, Merlin TSM-MXs, Spendor 1/3s, Spendor 3/5s. I have not had SF Cremona Auditors for audition as I intended a few months ago but will probably do so. But last night Art Blakey, Gil Evans, and Pancho Sanchez sounded so damn good I'm serioulsy thinking about spending that money on more music.
All the speakers I had when getting the Cardas & TG cables were pretty much 8 ohm loads. I've only used Cardas & TG with the 4 ohm Dynaudios. I understand the physics involved as regards cables and that is why I've tried different ones with different speakers (and when I had Air Tight and Plinius amps). Fortunately, my current combo works just fine as is. I also know people who love Audience and Kimber Select cables - they probably have beneficial relations with the rest of the gear!