A mistake spending too much on amplification?

I was wondering if I screwed up by spending too much money on amplification? I have been upgrading my amp/preamp for awhile now (I started with a CODA Unison, then upgraded to a McCormack DNA-125 and EE Minimax, then to a Herron pre, and now mating that with Sixpacs). And, although there are subtle improvements, I am not hearing any night/day improvements, even when I go back to the CODA. And the CODA is much cheaper!

Does this mean I outpaced my speakers? Kind of like putting a supercharged turbo engine in a car with bald tires? Speakers are VS VR2's and Soliloquy 6.3's. Anyone have a good estimation on amplification costs relative to speaker costs? Sell the better amplification; use the money to buy better speakers?

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Chiho, you're over analyzing the situation. Be happy that your system sounds good.

Ask an average non-audiophile music lover how much better a $100k+ audiophile reference mega-system sounds than the best system you can buy at Best Buy/Circuit City/Radio Shack and they will say one system sounds a little better than the other. Only audiophiles think there are dramatic differences between components.