A mistake spending too much on amplification?

I was wondering if I screwed up by spending too much money on amplification? I have been upgrading my amp/preamp for awhile now (I started with a CODA Unison, then upgraded to a McCormack DNA-125 and EE Minimax, then to a Herron pre, and now mating that with Sixpacs). And, although there are subtle improvements, I am not hearing any night/day improvements, even when I go back to the CODA. And the CODA is much cheaper!

Does this mean I outpaced my speakers? Kind of like putting a supercharged turbo engine in a car with bald tires? Speakers are VS VR2's and Soliloquy 6.3's. Anyone have a good estimation on amplification costs relative to speaker costs? Sell the better amplification; use the money to buy better speakers?

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I agree with Duke, to me, there is more variation between speakers than any other component and that must be because there are more variables to account for and a wider range of choices. I have found a greater change in sound character changing speakers than any other component. Note that is character, not quality, not better just different. To me, that difference is as important as pure quality considerations. The old Linn mantra of source first accepted, speakers still make the biggest change to a system, in my experience.