A matching amp for Kharma CE 2.0 for approx. 3K

I'm about to upgrade to a pair of Kharma CE 2.0 (8-ohm, 89db) speakers and feel that I must upgrade my poweramp as a result. I'd appreciate your opinions on a suitable power amp (used) for around $3K. I'm open to both, tube as well as Solid-State.

My current Gear:
Graaf (20/wpc) OTL tube intergarted amp
Graaf 13.B tube preamp (not using)
McIntosh "C32" SS preamp (currently in use)
Copeland CDA 289 HDCD player
Speaker-cables: "Zero" by FMS
ICs: ZuCable
Speaker: ProAc Studio-2 (15-years old)
Music: bosa-nova, loungy, jazz vocals and electronics.
The listening area is large, a living-room/kitchen combo space about (35' X 20' X 10' ceilings).

I love the look & sound of my OTL. Also, with the current speakers, I find the solid-state McIntosh preamp works better (more open & better base) than with the tube preamp.
I'd like to be able to use my tube preamp (paid a lot & it looks better) instead of the Mac but wondering if whether I should therefore go for a SS amp instead of a more powerful tube amp. What is your opinion?

You could go with a pair of Transcendent Sound monoblocks (OTLs as well), see their site at transcendentsound.com
I would think the OTLs were addicting. I would not go for solid state again; I am surprised the Mac works better with your Graaf. You could also check out used BAT VK-60 or VK-75. All the best
Tom Schuman
Get another Graaf GM-20 and use them in mono. 65 watt OTL will give you a different view of what your speakers are able to do.
Congratulations on your Kharmas. I got my 2.0s in July and I could never, ever look back. I am running Kora's Cosmos' into them at 100 watts/ch and more than satisfied. However the Koras go for close to 5K, though yough might look for used ones. Ulrikgm's suggestion sounded reasonable, too.