A Match For Bryston SP 1.7 Pre Amp / Processor

I have a Bryston SP 1.7 Surround Processor / Pre-Amp in my current home theater rig that I would like to retire and move to another setup that will be dedicated to 2 channel music listening. With the Bryson serving as a pre amp, I therefore have a need for matched amp l enable me to play all my digital music resident on my Mac in addition to rebook CD, SACD and vinyl. Is there a Peachtree Audio amp that will help me accomplish my mission? Any other ideas?
Did you consider a Bryston amp? Or do you not care for them...
The 1st time I demo'ed the 1.7, it was in a small system;
Bryston 1.7
Bryston 3B amp
Arcam DV 79 player
Focal 918 speakers
Nordost red dawn cabling

Very nice sound indeed.
Jafant - Did consider another Bryston but they are too expensive. Peachtree products make it pretty seamless to access music on your computer / Sonos etc. I am leaning toward selling the Bryston and going with the NovaPre (pre-amp) paired with the Peachtree 220 (power amp).
Yeah...I see your point. The 1.7 is a much older model which does not provide support for computer audio.

Good luck!