A market for DIY speakers on AudioGon ?

I have a pair of Vifa towers I recently completed building and like all fanatics I am ready to build another pair but find I am running out of room. I recently joined AudioGon and purchase my first piece of equipment.

My question is this... Are there buyers for nice DIY speakers out there or would that be inappropriate or a waste of time to try selling ?

Details: These are walnut over MDF. MTM using all VIFA (scan-speak - Danish versions) drivers. Each tower has (2) P17WJ00 6.5"

On Madisound:

and a single Vifa Tweeter D27TG35

The XO use higher quality Caps and is a LEAP design. The boxes are ported and the ports are in the back and they use a gold plated banana plug posts.

Is this something that someone could be interested in for purchase? I just do not want to waste my time but I would love to find a buyer as these sound fantastic with great imaging. I have over $400 in cost in the pair. I am a wood worker and did all the cabinet design and finishing myself.

they have about 75 hours on them - almost broke in now.

Your thoughts ?

PS: I am not trying to use the forum to sell these only to get feedback as to whether it would be worthwhile to use the Sell features here?
You might get a third of your money back on the drivers if you broke them down and sold them on


Other than that, enjoy the experience and pride in a job done. A lot of DIY projects end up donated to friends and family. Some of which is much better than they could afford to buy in a big box store.

Recently spent $2000 on a speaker project for the fun of it. They're on indefinate loan to my sister and her family.
So you feel there is no market here for a completed set of DIY speakers.... Thanks.
DIY speakers make for a difficult sell because it is an unknown entity. Buyers are either looking for a certain sound or brand. I concur with Ngjockey.
There is a small market here for your speakers because there is always an audio enthusiast who will be willing to give your speakers a shot. Just be ready for tons of questions and don't be surprised if you are going to take a big hit on the money and time you have spent. I've seen lots of listings for DIY speakers, amps and preamps here on Audiogon. Under the new Audiogon marketplace there is even a DIY section now. I have no idea though how much the sellers made or loss on the transactions of their DIY gear.

Good luck.
There is a small market for DIY. You just have to be realistic with your prices.
There is little to no market for undocumented DIY designs, however, I would imagine you would have more luck trying to sell a well documented DIY kit speaker like linkwitz, selah, northcreekmusic, etc.

The lack of interest in true DIY speakers is understandable considering the only feedback regarding how the speakers sound would come from the seller.
My sense is that used prices are usually disappointing to the seller of DIY kit.

This even seems to be true for well known kits with professional box work, such as those from North Creek/Lee Taylor and Selah. My sense is that these sell for less than comparable commercial pieces. For true "home brew" builds, I think the situation is even worse.

Of course, this may be very good news for the right buyer!

My hunch would be to try selling them for cost of parts. You might come pretty close to that, if the boxes are nice.

I'd also try at Audio Circle, which is more DIY friendly and has free ads. Some builders over their have established a reputation, and may get better prices.

Good luck,

Like Unsound said, doesn't cost much to try; but, without a picture of your work it's hard to give a meaningful answer. Good luck.
I've sold many of my DIY builds here. Helps if your crossover design is backed up by someone well known, and your cabinetry and finish is top notch. I'm a woodworker before I am an audiophile.
I've been building for 34 years, no one trust diy designs, even with leap. I built professionally in the early 80's, I've had several audiophiles to my home that have asked to buy my speakers or for me to build for them.... AFTER, they heard mine. The info that you gave would make me believe that you bought something packaged for you and would make me not trust the design. Even many on here that have never built have read much... For instance, I know the tweeter you used sounds noticeably better with resonance compensation, you didn't mention that, the tweeter and mid bass both that you used need impedance compensation, you didn't mention that, did you align the drivers for time alignment, you didn't mention that, is your crossover in phase, you didn't mention that, did you properly baffle step the tweeter, you didn't mention that????? I'm sorry, I don't mean to come off be littling about this, I only mention these things to show why hard core audiophiles would not want to waste money on a design from someone that they don't know at all.... you may have done everything right in your build, but if you did, it would need to be spelled out so that educated consumers could feel good about their purchase. Otherwise unknown diy speakers are a risky purchase.
good luck, Tim