A man with a flute

I know I'm streching my luck here but, I can't seem to locate this artist any other way. I do not know his name however on at least 2 of his cd's he is pictured on the front cover with his flute. Most the the music his a duet of the flute and harp with an ocassional piano ( I think )

Any help would be appreicated!
Jean-Paul Rampal???
Another very 'popular' player was James Galway. He got onto a lot of covers. But Rampal did some very popular jazz cross-overs. Both players have very entertaining albums.
How about Herbie Mann?
It's James Galway. I found his picture at a cd web site. I remember there was a red RCA emblem in the upper right hand corner of the cd cover. Hopefully there are only a few with this emblem. I remember he had on a black shirt.
Jean Pierre Rampal, Tim Weisberg, Ian Anderson, Roland Kirk...

What style of music is he playing?
Jethro Tull can play the flute standing on one leg.
Paul Horn ?
Jethro Tull has been dead for three hundred years...
For some reason I just can't picture Jethro Tull and James Galway in the same concert. **
They have played together in back in Erie... I think it was...

Be interesting to hear what they did.



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