A little set up help,please

Starting to get a little frustrated,
Installed a different cartridge last night and the balance is off about 2 feet to the left. No matter what adjustment I made nothing changed.

I put my old cart back on and the sound was back in the center. I have set up my share of carts and never ran into this problem

Any ideas

It is a used cart I bought here, but I believe its something I'm doing wrong. Other than being off balance it sounds great

Check your connections. Hooking up a pair of speakers out of phase gives a similar result.
What tonearm an cartridge??
I am using the Graham supreme II and the coralstone.
I have adjusted everything possible with no change.

When I put my winfeld back on everything centers up just fine

Defective or mis-wired cartridge(wouldn't be the first time). Swap the leads(L/R) and see if the image changes sides. Then try reversing polarity, on one channel of the cartridge.
Just a thought, are you using the same arm wand for both cartridges? If you are using different arm wands, then one of them may be having wiring / contact problems.
Have you checked the setup with a Fogometer?? I know it may be an anathema to suggest this, but perhaps the stylus wasn't put on square??
Matt....just inquisitive....what do you use for a load on the Windfield. I just got one ...my preamp is a pain to switch resistors, and just wondering what your experience with the Per is Thanks
Sorry that I have not responed, but have been dealing with an ice storm in my area and haven't been able to try some of the suggestion.

Will be tomorrow before I can work on the problem.

Stringreen, Love the Winfeld. Just trying the coralstone to see what it sounded like in my system. I have the load set at 100. the lowest my phono stage will go. Any higher and it starts to sound a little bright, but I am sure its my Sofias not the cart. that's why I was trying the coralstone. My system in very detail oriented and the Winfeld is very detailed. and I believe I have too much of a good thing. Need to soften it up some.

Matt.... This is so odd. Anytime I ask that question (loading for the Winfield) I get such a wide range of answers. You say, 100, Harry W from VPI says his is loaded at 500, there are reviews on the internet where some audiophile mag says 1000... I guess I have to open up the pre and begin monkeying around with resistors. (yuk) Thanks for getting back to me