A little light vinyl reading

A tongue-in-cheek observation on the vinyl community

The deejay

Alright, this guys loves his vinyl, but you’re not going to buy any used LPs from him. Records, to him, are meant to be spun and scratched, and he will take them out to parties along with his aged Technics (or two) to show his mates his skills.

It was probably written by someone who's never deejayed for sure. I was a DJ, but my DJ records are in mirror shiny condition.
The scratch disks are different story, but the ones played at party should be very clean and have no surface noise.
"I was a DJ, but my DJ records are in mirror shiny condition."

That sounds to me like no one ever hired you. lol. No wonder you're giving your TT away. You might as well see if you can get away with stashing some of that mint condition vinyl under the seat as well.
I have a huge record collection and through all of my buying sprees, the absolute worst LPs that I have ever picked through, were from DJs.

As a matter of fact, just a couple of months ago, I could have bought a collection from a DJ/Nightclub that was closing down. They had around 2500 LPs that I could have gotten for around $400, but I spent several hours going through this collection and I wouldn't have paid even a dollar for it. These things were wasted. Both the vinyl and the jackets. Just crap all the way around.

Just my $.02 cents worth.

Thank you for your deep DJ-ing expertise!

Most of my DJ use records had been played few times and some of them not even once(played specific track with specific mix and then done). I always had to keep up with new stuff, so the condition of almost all of them is super clean no matter how many times I was hired. The more you want to get hired, the newer and newer stuff you should play.

How d'u know I'm giving TT away?? Even if I do, I'll still have an ARSENAL of 1200 and 1210 stacked as a dealer.
The're available either for sale or rent and my storefront. Technics 1200 simply do not age as specified before.