A little History lesson on, "High- End" cables:

Inquiring minds might want to know, how the High-End cable market all got started.  Expiring minds?   Well......   (http://www.theabsolutesound.com/articles/a-short-history-of-high-end-cables/)

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That was about 1980. TW's/Son sold and replaced with Quad 57's and Bedini 25/25. Mogami still in use! And remained so when I got the KLH Nines in 1992. The Nines/Mogami combination lasted until 2015. I lost the Mogami when I moved south that year. But saved the Nines! Now have 6 ft pieces of RCA all-copper 14ga zip connected to the Nines/Carver 15CB and Ohm Sound Cylinders.
I had Polk Cobra Cable in.1977. Cost was  $40 for a pair of 20 ft. A lot more than .10 ft zip! I used it with a GAS Son driving Infinity Monitors. The Son did not blow up! Sounded excellent! Alas, I caught the upgrade bug and the Monitors/Cobra were sold. Next came the Time Windows and Mogami Blue Neglex 2477 OFC coax  12 ga. My friend who owned an audio store in CT had a 40 - ft sample. Which he sold to me for $40. I cut it in half, stripped the ends and was in business! 
In The Year of Our Lord MMXIX we have the Hierarchy of Wire! LOL!
Addenda: Newly acquired Time Windows and Son of Ampzilla connected by late 80’s Q Audio Time Stream cable! And the Speaker Lab 7’s/Bryston 3B with another 12ft pair of the Time Stream cable. Cost: 25 ft for $25 used! It looks like Cobra cable!
@roxy54 : I too had Goldens IC's in '76. They were marketed by DiscWasher. And certainly looked and felt better than the $3 generic IC's! Later, in '78 I bought a full set of Verion Triaxial IC's. Designed by Mitchell Cotter - a friend of Saul Marantz, Sid Smith and Stu Hegeman (who're those guys? asks the younger generation). I still have the Verions!
The Verion Triaxial IC's cost $30/meter in 1978. And were considered real "Hi-End" gear! I also had the Verion P SUT with its captive Triaxial output IC.